• How to choose a mascara?

    Every modern woman�s dressing table, even if no longer young and far from fashion, will surely have at least a minimal set of cosmetics - a bottle of perfume, one or two tubes of lipstick and mascara. You can not visit makeup artists and beauty salons, do not kill time, leafing through glamorous magazines or looking in the mirror for hours, but it�s almost impossible to deny yourself a little temptation to slightly improve what is given by nature.

    Few, from birth, got thick, long and fluffy, black eyelashes like wings of the night. Most women of these, alas, have only to dream. But, if the old-fashioned women of fashion were forced to solve this problem on their own with the help of improvised means, then the current one only needs to choose one mascara among hundreds of others offered by cosmetics manufacturers. However, too much supply only makes it difficult to choose. How not to get lost in all this variety of brands and types and choose exactly the mascara that is needed? Perhaps our advice will help you with this.

    How to choose mascara: tips

    First of all, meticulously examine your eyelashes in the mirror and decide what kind of effect you want to achieve.

    If your eyelashes are rather thick, but short, you need a mascara that lengthens the eyelashes. It has a liquid consistency and, with the help of the rare brush included in the kit, is easily distributed over the entire length of the eyelashes, forming a thin polymer film on them.

    Rare and thin eyelashes need a special mascara, giving volume. This mascara is thick, paste-like. It covers the eyelashes with a thick layer, adding additional volume to them and making them visually thicker and fluffy.

    Straightening mascara will help to direct short eyelashes, which with the help of a specially designed brush tightens up the tips of the eyelashes, thereby giving them a beautiful curved shape.

    Next, you need to think about what kind of mascara to choose - regular or waterproof.

    Plain mascara is best suited for daily use. It is almost harmless, does not damage the eyelashes, does not irritate the eyelids, it is easily washed off in the evening by any means for removing makeup.

    Waterproof mascara makes sense to use if you are often outdoors, working outside in rainy weather or want to be irresistible on the beach.When purchasing such mascara, do not forget to buy a special tool for its removal.

    In the process of deciding which mascara to choose, reviews of friends can serve you well. Conduct an impromptu express survey and take note of those brands that most praise.

    Of them, choose your mascarate later, after all, friends, unlike manufacturers, who are not interested, will not advertise everything and will definitely not advise you.

    At this preparatory stage can be considered complete. From thinking how to choose the right mascara, it's time to move on to decisive action. Go to the store.

    • It is best to buy mascara in specialized stores, where there is a wide selection of products, proper storage conditions are provided, and specially trained personnel will always give you the necessary professional advice on how to choose a good mascara.
    • Look at some of the options you like and proceed to their detailed inspection.
    • Pay attention to the packaging. High-quality glossy cardboard, clear typographical printing without errors and misprints, embossing, protective holograms and thermofilm indicate that this is a high-quality product, and not a cheap fake.
    • Check the expiration date and production date, which must necessarily be marked on the packaging. Make sure that the country of manufacture and trademark are correct.
    • Ask for a sample of the mascara you like. Probes must be in every decent store, because most of the boxes are sealed in cellophane so that it is impossible to get acquainted with their contents without damaging the packaging. Open the ink tube and study it carefully. Check whether the color of the ink is as stated by the manufacturer, smell it. Good mascara should only smell slightly sweet. The presence of a strong chemical smell indicates its poor quality.
    • After making sure that the appearance and smell are all right, try to hold the brush on the back of your hand. If the mascara is laid down easily and smoothly, without lumps or stains, it does not stick when you touch it with your fingers and dries quickly, you can safely buy it.

    Now, thanks to our advice and recommendations, you can choose the right mascara.

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