• How to choose metal pipes

    You can stop your choice on steel and plastic pipes. Of course, such pipes have positive and negative qualities. The problem is that they do not last long. After a few years there will be a leak. The durability of the pipe depends on the quality of the water. The cleaner the water is, the longer the pipe will serve. Steel and plastic pipes have an acceptable cost, so they are available to almost everyone.
    Metal-plastic pipe is a welded "butt" or, with the help of ultrasound "overlap", an aluminum pipe. It has internal and external protection by polyethylene layers. The protective layer, which is located inside, makes the pipe more even. That is why rust, lime and other deposits will not be able to "cling" to the plastic. Accordingly, the inner surface will be clean longer and is unlikely to start flowing in the near future. The polyethylene layer, which is applied outside, protects the pipe from external influences. It acts as an insulator of metal from moisture condensate.Experts have called this pipe five-layer, since there are also two layers of special glue.
    To connect the components of the pipe, you must use a special adhesive. Each company manufactures glue according to its own formula, which is kept secret. It is the quality that directly determines the ductility, as well as the durability of the pipe.

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