• How to choose pumps for heating

    How to choose pumps for heatingAgree, heating is not the last place in our life. If you want comfort to always be with you, it is important to choose the right pump for heating. This device is necessary to increase the natural circulation of the coolant itself in the heating structure.

    In more detail about its types it is possible to read on the website where selection criteria and ways of installation are also described.

    First of all, to make the right choice, you need to understand that there are two types of heating systems:

    • with forced circulation of the coolant in the system;
    • with natural circulation of coolant in the system.

    What is their main difference? In the first case, as a rule, the power of the pumping system is calculated in advance. In addition, some users, to increase the rate of circulation of the coolant, pierce a special pump into fairly old heating systems. It is noteworthy that for the right choice today experts recommend knowing two parameters:

    • heating system consumption;
    • the resistance that the heating system exerts if there is such an expense.

    And if you can find out the first parameter somehow yourself, you need to have special knowledge to calculate the corresponding resistance, and also know the formula by which you can calculate all this. This is a fairly time-consuming process that not every ordinary user can do. That is why when choosing the appropriate pump, you should turn to competent specialists who will be able to make all necessary calculations for you and recommend you a device that will perfectly fit your system and ultimately ensure the proper operation of the entire structure as a whole.

    Specialists of OOO Promo are ready to give you all the necessary recommendations for choosing a pump, as well as for processing the transaction. We can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result. In this case, it is important not only to choose the proper type of pump, but also to determine correctly with the manufacturer. Our experts can recommend you only high-quality pumping systems from Lowara or Dab.In the end, you will surely be satisfied with working with us, because we have:

    • low prices;
    • Excellent discounts for your favorite buyers;
    • great service.

    Our employees are extremely literate. Our company has a policy of full focus on customer satisfaction. We try to ensure that each client is satisfied with the cooperation with us and the purchase from us.

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