• How to choose the cottage cheese

    After reading carefully the text on the labels of cottage cheese, which lies on the shelves of our stores, you will find out for yourself quite a lot of interesting and informative.
    Now very often there is a dairy product, in which milk is only 5%. And then you ask yourself the question: what is in the other 95%? It turns out that there are a lot of amazing things: starch, soy, vegetable fats, palm oil, dyes, taste enhancers, etc. How to choose a cottage cheese that will not only taste good but also useful, we will try to tell in this article.

    Composition of the product.

    If we remember the law, we will understand that a product that has something besides milk and leaven cannot be called cottage cheese. The name should be - cottage cheese product. But manufacturers are constantly trying to deceive us and write "cottage cheese" or "curd mass." To comply with the law, the inscription "cottage cheese product" is applied in inconspicuous places and very small print. If the text on the package does not read, you must contact the seller.You can also ask for a certificate of compliance, in which large letters contain information about the product.

    Expiration dates.

    When choosing dairy products, check their expiration dates. This cottage cheese is stored for more than 72 hours at a temperature not higher than five degrees. If the product has a shelf life of more than three days, it means that during its production preservatives were used to extend the period. In this case, there is no talk about his naturalness. It happens that the curd period is written over 72 hours, while the composition does not indicate any additives or preservatives. This may indicate a manufacturer’s bad faith. And it can also be true if the product is packed in a special plastic container. But there must be a corresponding inscription that the curd was produced using a special technology (membrane filtration method). With this method, the cottage cheese is heated to ultra-high temperatures. But at the same time they kill all living things, and with them, valuable microflora. That is why the product has nothing to spoil, and it can be stored for a longer time and without additives. Harm from such cottage cheese will not be, as, however, and advantage.


    The packaging in which the sour milk product is packaged is of great importance. After all, it depends on the method of storage. Store cottage cheese in special refrigerators, and keep the package dry. This indicates its proper storage. If the packaging is sticky, then the product is either spoiled or substandard.

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