• How to clean copper?

    Taisiya Belousova
    Taisiya Belousova
    February 6, 2013
    How to clean copper?

    Copper products have a unique beauty, this kitchenware and interior items, coins. But, in order for copper to always delight the eye, it is necessary to properly care for it, to clean it, so that it does not become stained and does not turn green with time. How to clean copper? In fact, there are a lot of tips, both from people and from restorers.

    • When it comes to large items that are not possible to lower into the container, then you can resort to rubbing the surface of the object that needs cleaning with a lemon slice, then rub it with a brush and rinse with water. And so that the product also glitters - it is necessary to rub it with a mixture made from vinegar and flour and polish well with a cloth.
    • As for the dishes, how to clean the copper in this case? After all, dishes made of copper and greens, grayed, also toxic, you need to carefully monitor its condition. All that is needed is to mix an object of copper into hot water, while adding any detergent to it, rub it lightly and rinse.
    • If the copper product is too old and has had time to become very dirty, then a special solution, which consists of a small amount of salt and vinegar, will help it, bring the mixture to a boil. It is necessary to put the product in this solution for a short time, then pull it out and let it cool, rinse with water and polish with a cloth.
    • Copper coins, not everything is not so simple, it all depends on the nature of the spots, a separate article devoted to cleaning coins can be found here: "How to clean coins?". If the bloom is bright green, then it is better to dip the coin into a solution of 10% citric acid. A yellowish bloom will easily remove ordinary 9% vinegar, and a reddish blot will disappear if you dip the coin in 5% ammonia solution.

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