• How to clean sewer pipes?

    Tatyana Zelenik
    Tatyana Zelenik
    July 23, 2012
    How to clean sewer pipes?

    We are all accustomed to the benefits of civilization. I don’t want to take out any slop either in the freezing frost or during a mosquito party in a latrine. And suddenly there is a specific bummer. Clogged sewer pipes is not just some kind of inconvenience, it is the collapse of a measured life. The most annoying thing is that it is always inappropriate. You can, of course, call the plumber, but when he comes is unknown, although according to the law of meanness, most likely, when it will be inconvenient for you. Therefore, we learn how to clean the sewer pipes themselves, and on the most extreme and desperate case, we call plumbing.

    First of all, we will try to pour dishwashing liquid into the drain hole, and then boiling water. There is a chance that if the stock is clogged with oily waste, this mixture will dissolve them. If this does not help, try to work the plunger. He should always be in the house, although it is not often necessary, but the benefits of it are enormous.Tightly cover the drain hole with the bowl of the plunger and make some sharp vertical movements, and then pry the plunger upward, as if trying to pull out the stuck debris. Remove what happened to extract and repeat the same steps several times. If you remove the blockage in the bathroom, the hole through which excess water is drained when filling should be closed.

    If the sink is clogged in the sink or in the kitchen sink, you can clean the siphon. Look at the bottom, under the sink sink there is a detail that looks like a bottle with a twisted bottom. Unscrew this bottom, pre-substituting a basin or bucket. From there, water will pour out of the sink and stuck debris. Collect the siphon back and check for drainage of the drainage system. If this does not help, let's move on to a chemical attack on the blockage.

    Do not attempt to pour into chemicals not intended for this purpose. Using kerosene, acetone, sulfuric acid and alkali from the battery is very dangerous, especially to mix them. This can lead to an explosion, fire or damage to the pipes, and their replacement will be much more expensive than buying a special tool. They are in sufficient quantities and diversity are presented in hardware stores or supermarkets.Follow the directions on the package and neglect the use of eye, skin and respiratory protection.

    If this did not help, you can use a special cable or helix, equipped for convenience of use at one end with a rotating handle. It is necessary to slowly insert the cable into the drain hole and, rotating the handle in one direction, to achieve its passage through the pipe. The cable will stumble on the blockage and mechanically destroy it. The latter method is the most effective, but the most time-consuming and requires appropriate equipment and skills. Now you, of course, know how to clean sewer pipes, but if something does not work out or it is banal laziness - call a specialist.

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