• How to clean the local drive C?

    Natalia Kozlova
    Natalia Kozlova
    October 20, 2014
    How to clean the local drive C?

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    How to clean the local drive C?

    When the computer is working, it creates temporary files: downloads, backup copies, service files, necessary for the program to work, but quickly lose their relevance. The user often does not even suspect how much extra is written on the hard drive. Only the computer is running slower and slower. If you notice such a slowdown in the PC, then it’s time to clean the local drive C.

    How to clear disk space

    In addition to drive C, there may be other drives on the computer. You can read about them in the article Why a disk is needed. We will clean the system drive C, but the same method applies to other local drives.

    So, about how loaded your drives, you can find out by opening the folder "My Computer". In the picture we see the display of available disks. Blue is the occupied area, white is free. On the disk we see a red bar. This means that the disk is so full that it affects the speed and quality of work. It's time to clean.

    For information on how to clean a disk using various utilities, see the article How to clean a disk. But Win7 OS has its own ways to free up space. To do this, in the “My Computer” folder on the image of the disk to be cleaned, click the right mouse button.Disk CleanupA menu will open in which you need to select the "Properties" item.

    On the “General” tab of the opened window, we find the “Disk Cleanup” button, press it. Another window opens with a list of groups of files that the program will delete. You can view this list, but if you are not a programmer, it most likely will give you nothing. However, you can mark the files you want to delete, then click OK. You will be surprised how much space will be released as a result of this operation.

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