• How to clean the water with your own hands

    You never guess what life will bring you at one time or another. In terms of probability, everyone can be in an unexpected situation. For example, when there is no drinking water at hand. This is very likely to happen if, say, you went to pick mushrooms and get lost. Or they went camping and the supply of drinking water dried up. Finding water should not be a big problem: rivers, lakes, puddles. You can even dig a small hole in it and after a while water will collect. Even if it is boiled, it is impossible to drink such water. Not only small grains of sand, but the most important dangerous chemicals, chemicals can not get caught. How to purify water with your own hands
    Therefore, the best way to purify water is to use a homemade filter.

    What is needed to make the filter?

    • - a plastic bottle.
    • - pebbles.
    • - sand.
    • - a piece of cloth or gauze bandage.
    • - Charcoal.
    How to clean waterdo it yourself Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle. Turn the bottle upside down and fill it. First we put a piece of cloth and sprinkle with pebbles. Then we put a layer of sand. Place the cloth, chopped charcoal and the cloth again. It turned out to be a kind of pill. And then, in the reverse order, sand and pebbles are ready. A water purification filter is ready. A cloth or gauze bandage is used to prevent all filter materials from mixing. Pebbles and sand are the main filters for small particles. charcoal retains most of the chemical substances from water. You can use charcoal from your campfire.
     How to clean the water with your own hands
    This filter does not remove viruses and bacteria from the water, so you should boil the water after filtering.
     How to clean the water with your own hands
    Boil water for at least 1 minute before drinking it. If you put some spruce needles in boiling water, you get a delicious tea.

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