• How to clear cache in Google Chrome?

    Igor Gorbatyuk
    Igor Gorbatyuk
    April 18, 2012
    How to clear cache in Google Chrome?

    There is nothing difficult in clearing the Google Chrome cache. Clear the cache in this popular Internet browser can even a man who sat down at the computer for the first time. If, of course, will be guided by our instructions.

    How to quickly clear the cache in Google Chrome

    1. In the open browser, in the upper right corner, we find an icon that looks like a wrench;
    2. We click the left mouse button on this icon;
    3. Choose "Tools";
    4. In the drop-down menu, select "Delete data on the pages viewed";
    5. In the window that opens, put a tick in front of "Clear cache" (if it is not there) and click on the button "Clear history".

    After these steps, the cache in your browser will be deleted.

    If for some reason your Google Chrome in English or the above actions seem tedious to you, just press Cntrl + Shift + Delete on the keyboard at the same time. This is another way to clear your cache in Google Chrome. Hotkeys that will bring up a window from our point 5.

    Clearing the cache will increase the speed of your Google Chrome web browser.Therefore, we recommend that you periodically perform this operation.

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