• How to collect a bike?

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    How to collect a bike?

    One of the most relevant and practical modern modes of transport is a bicycle. Some may be surprised, but it is not only an environmentally friendly and healthy way of transport, but sometimes the fastest in urban areas. Not for nothing is this vehicle every year more and more captures the megacities of the whole world. If you want to know how fast you could go, read the article What is the speed of a bicycle.

    The market today presents a huge number of models in various price categories. But if you do not want to overpay for the brand, but at the same time get a quality bike, and for one and understand its device, read this article.

    How to choose parts

    So let's look at the details that we need:


    • The first thing you need to decide is whether you need a rear shock absorber. Its presence will have a positive effect on comfort, but it will somewhat dampen the speed, that is, when you press the pedal, some of the effort will go to the shock absorber.
    • The frame is the base of the bike.At first glance, this is not the most important thing, since the various bushings, drums, brakes and cassettes seem more complicated and significant, but without a bicycle frame there won't be any. The frame determines not only lightness and durability, but also affects driving comfort.
    • A very important factor for the frame is its size, which depends on your height. Universal frames are considered to be 28-30 inches, but it is better to start from growth.
    • Steel frames are very strong and durable, but it is worth considering that with such a frame with each walk you will have to carry ten extra pounds with you, or even more. You may think that this is only for the best, but believe me, the loads with the aluminum frame will be enough for you. In addition, strength and durability, with careful operation and adequate loads, the aluminum frame is slightly less.
    • The steering wheel and seat should be chosen, both on the basis of convenience, and from the diameter of the hole on the frame under the verb (pin). It is desirable that there was a reserve height for lifting the seat and steering. A comfortable steering wheel with soft handles and a comfortable seat in the correct position can greatly increase the ride quality and the level of pleasure from traveling.
    • It is better to choose a plug with a shock absorber.The simplest shock absorbers do not have the settings, but have medium rigidity and are quite suitable for a comfortable ride. More expensive models can be customized by increasing or decreasing the stiffness.


    • But the rim is better to take reinforced. There are enough ordinary ones for driving along bike lanes, but as a rule, there are obstacles here and there: you need to drop in on the curb, a pit on the road, the root of a tree in a park, etc. In the end, to put the "eight" on the wheel is not a difficult task. And this is not onlyA bikean aesthetic defect, since the eight will affect the brakes, and if the �eight� is strong, then the ride comfort. But of course the choice is yours. Simple not reinforced rim can serve faithfully for a long time.
    • The wheels are much easier to assemble, because it takes a lot of experience to assemble them yourself.
    • It should immediately provide what brakes you put. For discs, a special sleeve is needed, and for V-brake (crab), a standard rim is needed, special discs are made for disc brakes that are not suitable for V-brake, although disc brakes can be put on any rim.


    • Brakes are also a matter of taste.In professional cycling, of course, use disc brakes with fine tuning. But for everyday driving, the usual �crabs� are also quite suitable, besides, they are not so picky with the �eights� and do not require such a regular adjustment. Gum is not so expensive and not so quickly erased. Choose a more expensive option so that you will not be chased by constant whistling while braking, then everything will be fine.
    • Cassettes (asterisks) - also recommend steel, although not expensiveA bikevariants of softer alloys serve for a long time and do not cause inconvenience. It should determine the choice of switching mechanism. If you plan to take the simplest mechanisms, then they are usually designed for 6 - 7 rear stars, a higher level - by 8, and professional ones are usually only 9 stars.
    • Gear shift mechanism. Here it is better to turn to famous brands such as Shimano, and simply choose a category from tourney to XTR and Deore Saint. If the first is the cheapest mechanisms that are not suitable for regular driving, although in practice they usually last for a very long time, then the second two are professional sports equipment of the highest level.Between them there are six more classes from the cheapest to the most expensive, respectively: Altus, Acera, Alivio, Deore, SLX and Deore XT and one should make a choice. This is a good quality and not too high price. Tourney will also serve its time, and besides, after you assemble your bike, replace a partA bikehitch if desired will not be a problem. Do not forget about your frame and select a hinge of the appropriate diameter.
    • Chain - choose a speed switch model.
    • We separately acquire four cables: two for brakes and two for speeds. We choose under the equipment. And do not forget about the brake handles and speed switches, take the coins under the model switches.
    • The carriage and the rods need to choose under your frame, just look or measure the size of a caliper.
    • The pedals are also better to take metal, plastic can be easily broken, and cheap plastic will break without your help. Drum, especially not worth taking the cheapest.
    • It remains only to purchase wings, a pump, a set of bicycle keys and put it all together.

    How to assemble a bike

    The choice of parts for a bicycle is represented not only by different brands, but also by different configurations, the assembly and installation of which may differ significantly.The instructions below are common to all bike models. And in order to install a particular part, you need to study the instructions for its assembly and installation.

    1. So, first put the seat and steering wheel. With new clamps, they do not even have to fasten, just press down the lever and everything is ready.
    2. Now turn the bike upside down, putting it on the steering wheel and seat.
    3. We put the carriage, it is sold in the collection. Sit on her bearings and put in place "in the glass."
    4. We put the equipment for switching speeds. It is simply mounted on the frame next to the front sprocket.
    5. We put the front sprockets on the carriage bushing and fix them with specialA bikeconnection. Over put protection from a sprocket of clothing and dirt.
    6. Lastly, we put the pedals and fasten.
    7. The rear sprocket is put on the hub of the rear wheel and tightened.
    8. After that, install the wheels, they are simply put in a pass and fixed with one click.
    9. When everything is ready, put on the chain. At first we put it on the front sprocket, and then we pull up the equipment for switching gears and, passing the chain through the auxiliary sprocket, we put on the back one. The chain is in place.
    10. Do not forget to put all the necessary bearings and lubricate the appropriate lubricant.

    Now everything is assembled, it remains only to adjust the equipment.

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