• How to collect a bouquet of flowers?

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    How to collect a bouquet of flowers?

    Flowers How beautiful they are, how delight the soul of man! Therefore, it is not by chance that in solemn occasions, and simply to express their attitude towards a person, bouquets of flowers are presented.

    How to collect bouquets of flowers, is it possible to learn this, because this is real art? This is quite possible for everyone. Enough to know some of the rules of bouquets. Yes, there are those, there is even a special science - floristics, which studies the rules for creating flower arrangements.

    Rules for making bouquets of flowers

    • Consider who the bouquet is for, the person of what age, for what occasion. It depends on what kind of flowers will be taken for a bouquet, what will be their color range.
    • Remember that in art there is such a thing as matching colors, their correct combination. So, pink is combined with white, and green with yellow. This must be taken into account when selecting specific types of flowers in order to properly collect flowers in a bouquet.
    • Do not be afraid to experiment.Even if the flowers do not seem to suit each other, but they really like the one to whom they are intended, make them floral arrangements. After all, the main thing is to bring joy to another by presenting a bouquet of flowers.
    • It must be remembered that for a gift in a bouquet there should be an odd number of flowers, even for sad, mourning cases.

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