• How to compress RJ-45?

    When distributing access to the Internet, as well as organizing small local networks, it is often necessary to use special data transfer cables between computers. Moreover, connectors for the connection of these cables must be installed according to certain schemes and rules. The success of connecting a personal computer to a network largely depends on this. And so, find out how to connect an RJ-45. As a rule, UTP type cable is used for this purpose - it is unshielded twisted pair cable. Upon closer inspection, it can be seen that it contains four pairs of copper wires of different color. These wires must be inserted into RJ-45 connectors in a specific order and carefully crimped. It should be noted that there are two types of data cable connections:

    • Type 1 PC - PC (i.e. direct connection of two personal computers or two switches);
    • Type 2 PC Switch (i.e., connection of several personal computers through an “intermediary”).

    Wire branching patterns:

    Wire branching patterns

    Having decided what type of connection you need, you should proceed to the preparation of the cable. And so, how to compress RJ-45?

    Crimping process

    In order to accurately and quickly crimp the cable, you must use a special crimping tool. The task will be to cut the edges of the cable as precisely as possible, then remove the common braid to a certain depth and pressurize the connectors. Of course, it is quite difficult to do this without special tools. Therefore, it is best to use a crimping tool that contains everything you need to carry out this process.

    • Armed with a tool, it is necessary to strip the outer insulation of the cable to a depth of 1.2-1.5 cm. For a round cable, it is enough to slightly cut it and turn it in the area of ​​the stripping.
    • Then you need to remove a piece of insulation on the cut. This is done manually.
    • Now it is necessary to dissolve the wires of the “twisted pair” in one plane in the order corresponding to the chosen scheme.
    • After that, you need to align the length of all the wires and cut them again.
    • Next, you need to carefully fill the wires in the RJ-45 connector.
    • As a result, each posting should rest against the end of the connector. Therefore, after installing them, you should carefully look at the end and make sure that each wire has reached the end.
    • Then you need to insert all the way into the socket crimp device connector and gently press on the handle.
    • When you close the knobs, the connector pins will press into the conductors laid in it and the crimper will close the box at the back of the connector, preventing the cable from exiting.
    • Thus, crimping of one side of the cable will be completed. The second side should be crimped also in accordance with the selected scheme.

    It should be noted that in the absence of a crimping tool, you can use a screwdriver and a sharp knife. At the same time, both conductors and protection should be cut as accurately as possible. A screwdriver is necessary in order to successively press the connector pins into the copper wire. If you are thinking about how to connect an RJ-45 outlet, then use the above method. If you doubt your abilities, it is best to call a wizard who can crimp on a professional level. Good luck to you!

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