• How to conduct husbandry with your husband

    Automate housework using modern technology. If you have the opportunity, buy basic household appliances to perform routine work. A washing machine, dishwasher, and robot vacuum will help you to minimize the cleaning in the house. It is enough to spend a few minutes to load and turn on the devices, and then put everything in its place. You can entrust these simple tasks to your husband.
    Male husbands should traditionally perform house duties, but in the modern world such matters are reduced to a minimum. You no longer need to chop firewood and heat the stove, and you need to nail the shelf less often. Therefore, give the man some errands with which he can handle in order to facilitate housework. Take out the trash, buy food, cut the ingredients for cooking. If you are preparing dinner, and there is no dishwasher in the house, you can entrust the washing of dishes to your husband.
    But such a situation with the division of labor equally is relevant only if both spouses are working.But if the wife is a housewife, and she does not need to go to work, then she can take over most of the household chores. It will be pleasant to her husband to come to a clean house, with a hot dinner and a friendly wife who does not offer to clean after a hard day’s work.
    When you go to the store, take your husband with you. Then you will not have to carry heavy bags of groceries, and during the selection of goods you can consult with a man. Or you can make a list of necessary products, and ask a man to buy everything on the way from work. Then you will have more time for housekeeping.
    There are often situations when a woman does not trust a man to do homework. The explanations are different, but often they boil down to the fact that the alleged husband will do everything wrong or will do it for too long. In this case, you need to either take over all the affairs of yourself, but do not reproach the man for idleness around the house, or trust the husband. Do not take him as a little boy who is not capable of washing dishes without breaking cups. Give him a task and let him complete it. Even if he makes it wrong several times, then he will be able to learn and successfully help you with your housework.

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