• How to confess in the church

    Every person in life has difficult situations when support is required, the opportunity to free themselves from the burden, to confess to the created sins. The severity of the soul is sometimes caused by a specific act directed at someone or unrest, which is caused by a multitude of sins that are not material, but made mentally.

    How to confess in the church

    There are various ways to get rid of accumulated thoughts and reproaches, for example, to speak out in front of people close to you. But this option does not always solve the problem. And there is nothing to brag to your friends, it is not very convenient to talk about personal problems, violations of the commandments, your own mistakes. Therefore, the only solution for a believer will be the sacrament of confession, which allows you to free the soul of the parishioner, gives the desired forgiveness. After you can come to communion.

    What is confession for an Orthodox person?

    Confession is one of the sacraments in the church, which is the discovery of sins to the Lord through the father.It is the holy father who has the ultimate power of absolution. Such a procedure allows a person to open his soul, to be purified, to receive forgiveness from the Lord. At this time in the temple, an Orthodox man is reconciled with God through the Gospel and the cross.

    Even if you know that sin can repeat itself (for example, bad habits), do not give up this sacrament. A man is a weak being and very few can resist temptations and adhere to all the commandments. A confession provides an opportunity to purify the soul and learn how to correct its shortcomings, receive forgiveness of sins.

    How to confess in the church

    The main reason why people are not in a hurry to go to church confession is their lack of understanding of how to behave properly, how to prepare for such a step, what should be said. Sometimes a person simply tells about certain problems, actions, in order to receive cleansing and forgiveness, but this is not entirely correct. Although the priest must accept any confession.

    But if you decide to come to the confession in the temple, it is worth inquiring about the features of the procedure and will be prepared. Often, priests recommend confession every month, but if necessary it is possible more often.

    It is important to remember, each confession should be only with repentance. That is, it is not necessary to tell about specific situations from life, to justify them, but to tell about them with repentance.

    Preparing for confession and communion

    Detailed advice will be needed for those who first participate in the sacrament of confession and are not aware of how to confess. Initially, it is important to make sure when you can confess in the temple that you used to attend. Traditionally, this procedure is carried out on Sunday or Saturday, as well as on holidays.

    The sacrament of the sacrament should observe fasting for three days. Seven days before the communion it is necessary to read the Akathists to the Holy Virgin, the saints. Remember about reading out the canons to the Savior, the Mother of God, the Guardian Angel. On the day of the sacrament, you must read the morning prayers.

    Sometimes a huge number of parishioners in the temple who wish to confess, becomes the reason that those who came for this purpose for the first time abandon their idea. The reason for this may be embarrassment or fear of making mistakes in behavior. In such a situation, it is better to pre-negotiate the time of confession with the priest.He will appoint time, and you can open your soul, left alone with the servant of the Lord.

    How to confess in the church

    Reading the Penitential Canon to the Lord Jesus Christ will allow the person to adjust to a further procedure. If you worry that you can forget some sins from excitement, it's better to write them down on a leaf. But all these actions need to be voiced, and not just give to the priest.

    Before you go to confession, you should:

    • To penetrate and comprehend what was done, to come to a repentance of heart in sins.
    • Without any pretense to show a desire to get rid of the seriousness of misconduct, to repent of what was done.
    • Truly believe that the sacrament will allow you to cleanse your soul in prayer.

    Only under these conditions can you clear your mind, soul, and heart.

    How is the confession

    The sacrament of confession is held in a certain place in the church - lekal. This is a small quadrangular table on which the cross is placed, as well as the Holy Gospel.

    The confession procedure consists of several steps:

    • Approach the Gospel and place two fingers on it, bow your head before the Gospel.
    • The priest will cover your head with a special cloth in the form of a scarf - epitrachel.These actions can be performed both before confession and after the sinner voiced his sins.
    • Then the priest will read the prayer, which will absolve sins, and at the end of the prayer baptizes the person.
    • When the stole is taken from the parishioner's head, it is necessary to cross and kiss the cross, which is located near the Gospel.

    On a note! Sometimes priests assign confessions to confessions, which consists in deliverance from sins through certain actions: abstinence, alms, prayer. Now this happens quite rarely, but you should not be afraid of such a turn of events.

    What to say to the father in confession?

    If you think about what to say to the father, use the following recommendations and tips.

    It's important to talk only about your own misdeeds, the mistakes that have happened in your life. A person must realize the incorrectness of actions, come to repentance in the deed. In no case do not need to justify their sins.

    When you talk with the father about misconduct, there is no need to invent a special vocabulary, call things by their names. Do not waste time in vain.Do not talk about the details, focus on more serious problems.

    How to confess in the church

    Start a confession only after your soul is completely open and clear of thoughts about urgent problems. After the words"Lord, sinned before you"tell about all your sins. It is not necessary to detail all the actions, but it’s not necessary to list them dryly.

    In the end, repent and ask for salvation and pardon:"Save and have mercy on me a sinner!"

    What to call sins

    An Orthodox parishioner needs sincere repentance at confession in all actions that are not pleasing to God. In order not to forget anything, it is better to divide all sins into the following categories:

    • against the Lord;
    • against his neighbor;
    • against yourself.

    Each category includes several components. Before you go to confession, we advise you to study each of them in more detail in order to fully analyze your actions, identify mistakes and correct them.

    Sinful acts against God

    If the fact that the modern generation has been removed from the church, faith, prayer, does not surprise anyone, then there are people who believe in God, but are sometimes ashamed of it, are afraid to open up, to show their admiration.This is sin. The following are also included in this category of sins:

    • blasphemy — mockery of the church, the priests, the sacraments, and the congregation:
    • blasphemy is a sin that consists in criticizing the complexity of its existence;
    • cheating on your vows;
    • empty vows;
    • participation in divination, the study of mystical rites, interest in sects, paganism, superstition;
    • evasion of prayer;
    • suicidal thoughts;
    • participation in gambling.

    Sins against the neighbor

    • resentment of a loved one is harm to his soul and a sin to himself;
    • hatred, gloating;
    • disrespect of parents - violations of the main commandments;
    • lie, slander;
    • rancor;
    • disobedience - the threshold for such sins as deception, laziness, theft, murder;
    • judgment of the neighbor is the road to the same sin;
    • theft.

    Sins against yourself

    • flattery - often used to achieve goals, benefits;
    • laziness - not only in work, but also in serving God, one of the greatest and most frequent sins;
    • a lie — in all its manifestations, comes from Satan;
    • pride - allows a person to elevate himself above others like him;
    • hiding sin regardless of the reasons (shame, fear);
    • disbelief - a sin that testifies to the absence of faith in God, doubts in His power;
    • impatience - harms the inner world of a person, causes resentment of loved ones and other sins;
    • foul language;
    • despair, accusation of others;
    • same-sex relationships, fornication, betrayal, incest.

    Important! Do not promise to change after confession; begin to correct mistakes even before the sacrament is performed, with prayers, confession of guilt. Read the Bible, the Gospel, purify your soul.


    The principle in life for every parishioner should be the rule: “Live in peace with everyone!”.

    The list of women's sins for confession

    1. She violated the rules of the worship of those praying in the holy church.
    2. Had dissatisfaction with their lives and people.
    3. She performed prayers without zeal and a low bow to the icons, prayed while lying, sitting (without need, out of laziness).
    4. I sought fame and praise in virtues and works.
    5. I was not always satisfied with what I have: I wanted to have beautiful, diverse clothes, furniture, and delicious food.
    6. I was annoyed and offended when I was refused in my desires.
    7. I did not abstain with my husband during pregnancy, on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, in fasts, in uncleanness by agreement with her husband.
    8. I sinned by disgust.
    9. After committing sin, she did not repent immediately, but for a long time kept in herself.
    10. I sinned with idle talk, unconcern, recalled the words spoken by others against me, sang shameless worldly songs.
    11. I grumbled on a bad road, on the length and fatigue of service.
    12. I used to save money for a rainy day, as well as a funeral.
    13. She was angry with her loved ones, scolded her children. She didn’t tolerate comments from people, just uproar, and immediately repulsed.
    14. She sinned with vanity, asked for praise, saying “you do not praise yourself, no one will praise.”
    15. The deceased remembered with alcohol, on a fast day the funeral table was fast.
    16. Did not have a firm determination to give up sin.
    17. I doubted the honesty of others.
    18. Missed cases to do good.
    19. She suffered pride, did not judge herself, was not always the first to ask for forgiveness.
    20. Allowed damage to food.
    21. Not always reverently kept the shrine (spoiled artos, water, prosphora).
    22. Sinner for the purpose of "repent."
    23. She objected, justifying herself, was irritated at the incompetence, stupidity and ignorance of others, made reprimands and comments, contradicted, divulged sins and weaknesses.
    24. Attributed to others sins and weaknesses.
    25. She succumbed to rage: scolded loved ones, insulted her husband and children.
    26. Brought others to anger, irritability, indignation.
    27. I have sinned by condemnation of my neighbor, ink is his good name.
    28. Sometimes discouraged, carrying her cross with a murmur.
    29. I interfered in other people's conversations, interrupted the speaker's speech.
    30. She sinned with covetousness, compared herself to others, complained and became angry with the abusers.
    31. She thanked people, did not spread her eyes of gratitude to God.
    32. I fell asleep with sinful thoughts and dreams.
    33. I noticed the thin words and deeds of people.
    34. Saw and ate food that is harmful to health.
    35. She was embarrassed by the spirit of slander, considered herself better than others.
    36. I have sinned by indulgence and indulgence in sins, self-abasement, self-indulgence, disrespect for old age, timeless poisoning, stubbornness, inattention to requests.
    37. I missed the opportunity to sow the word of God, to benefit.
    38. She sinned with gluttony, lactic obsession: she loved to eat too much, savor tidbits, and juggle with drunkenness.
    39. She was distracted from prayer, distracted others, let out bad air in the temple, went out as needed, without telling about it at confession, hastily prepared herself for confession.
    40. I sinned with laziness, idleness, exploited the labor of others, speculated with things, sold icons, did not go to church on Sundays and holidays, was lazy to pray.
    41. Hardened to the poor, did not accept wanderers, did not serve the poor, did not dress naked.
    42. Hoping for a man, more than God.
    43. Was a guest drunk.
    44. I did not send gifts to the offended me.
    45. Grieved at the loss.
    46. I fell asleep in the afternoon without need.
    47. Sadness.
    48. She did not protect herself from a cold, she was not treated by doctors.
    49. Cheating in the word.
    50. Exploited someone else's work.
    51. Depressed in sorrows.
    52. Hypocritical, cheroot.
    53. I wished evil, indulge.
    54. Was inventive for evil.
    55. Was rude, not condescending to others.
    56. I did not force myself to do good, to pray.
    57. Angryly condemned the authorities at rallies.
    58. Abbreviated prayers, missed, rearranged words.
    59. She was jealous of others, wanted her honor.
    60. I sinned with pride, vanity, vanity.
    61. I watched dances, dances, various games and shows.
    62. I have sinned by idle ranting, secretly, petrification, insensitivity, neglect, disobedience, intemperance, stinginess, condemnation, avarice, reproach.
    63. She spent holidays in booze and earthly amusements.
    64. She sinned by sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, inaccurate observance of fasting, unworthy communion of the Body and Blood of the Lord.
    65. She got drunk, laughed at someone else's sin.
    66. She sinned by lack of faith, infidelity, treason, deceit, lawlessness, wailing for sin, doubt, free-thinking.
    67. She was inconstant in good deeds, she was not into reading the Holy Gospel.
    68. Come up with excuses for their sins.
    69. I have sinned by rebelliousness, arrogance, unfriendliness, malice, disobedience, audacity, contempt, ingratitude, severity, sabotage, oppression.
    70. She did not always conscientiously perform her duties, was careless in business and hastily.
    71. I believed the signs and various superstitions.
    72. Was an instigator of evil.
    73. Went to weddings without church wedding.
    74. I have sinned with spiritual insensibility: with hope for myself, for magic, for divination.
    75. Did not keep these vows.
    76. She hid sins at confession.
    77. She sought to learn other people's secrets, read other people's letters, listened in on telephone conversations.
    78. In great sorrow, she wished herself death.
    79. Wore immodest clothing.
    80. Talked during the meal.
    81. Saw and ate the water “charged” by Chumak.
    82. She worked through power.
    83. I forgot about my Guardian Angel.
    84. I sinned with laziness to pray for my neighbors, I did not always pray when they asked for it.
    85. She was ashamed to cross herself among unbelievers, took off the cross, going to the bathhouse and to see a doctor.
    86. She did not keep the vows given at Holy Baptism, did not preserve the purity of the soul.
    87. She noticed the sins and weaknesses of others, divulged and interpreted them to the worse. God, she swore her head, her life. She called people “devil”, “Satan”, “demon”.
    88. She called the dumb cattle names of holy saints: Vaska, Mashka.
    89. I did not always pray before eating food, sometimes I had breakfast in the morning before the celebration of the Divine service.
    90. Being a previously unbeliever, I was seduced into disbelief by my neighbors.
    91. She gave a thin example of her life.
    92. She was lazy to work, shifting her work on the shoulders of others.
    93. She did not always carefully deal with the word of God: she drank tea and read the Holy Gospel (which is aversion).
    94. Accepted Bogoyavlenskaya water after eating (without need).
    95. Lilacs brought to the cemetery and brought them home.
    96. Not always kept sacramental days, forgot to read prayers of thanksgiving, I ate these days,slept a lot.
    97. I sinned with idleness, late arrival to the temple and early departure from it, a rare walk to the temple.
    98. Neglected black work with extreme need for it.
    99. I have sinned with indifference, I was silent at anyone's blasphemy.
    100. I did not exactly observe fasting days, I was satiated with fast food in my posts, tempted others with a delicious and inaccurate admission according to the regulations: with a hot loaf, lean oil, and season.
    101. I was fond of it, relaxation, carelessness, fitting clothes and jewelry.
    102. She reproved the priests who served, spoke of their shortcomings.
    103. She gave advice on abortion.
    104. Violated someone else's dream by negligence and audacity.
    105. I read love letters, wrote off, learned passionate poems, listened to music, songs, watched a shameless movie.
    106. I sinned with immodest looks, looked at someone else's nakedness, wore immodest clothing.
    107. She was tempted in a dream and passionately recalled this.
    108. Suspected in vain (slandered in the heart).
    109. She recounted empty, superstitious tales and fables, praised herself, did not always endure exposing the truth and the offenders.
    110. Showed curiosity to other people's letters and papers.
    111. Idily got to know about the weaknesses of the neighbor.
    112. Not released from the passion of telling or asking about the news.
    113. I read prayers copied with errors and akathists.
    114. She considered herself better and more worthy than others.
    115. I do not always light lamps and candles in front of icons.
    116. Violated the secret of his and others confession.
    117. Participated in bad deeds, persuaded to a bad thing.
    118. Resisted against good, did not listen to good adviceMaddled with beautiful clothes.
    119. I wanted everything to be in my opinion, looking for the perpetrators of my sorrows.
    120. Upon the completion of the prayer, she had evil thoughts.
    121. I spent money on music, cinema, circus, sinful books and other amusements, lent me on a deliberately bad business.
    122. I conceived thoughts, from the enemies cast upon me, against the holy faith and the Holy Church.
    123. Violated the peace of the sick, looked at them as sinners, and not as a test of their faith and virtue.
    124. Yielded to untruth.
    125. Kushala and went to bed without praying.
    126. She ate until midday on Sundays and public holidays.
    127. Spoiled water when bathed in the river from which they drink.
    128. She told about her exploits, her labors, she boasted of virtues.
    129. I enjoyed using fragrant soap, cream, powder, painted eyebrows, nails and eyelashes.
    130. I sinned with the hope of "God will forgive."
    131. She hoped for her strength and abilities, and not for the help and mercy of God.
    132. Worked on holidays and weekends, from work these days did not give money to the poor and the poor.
    133. She visited the healer, went to the fortuneteller, was treated with "bio-currents", sat in the sessions of psychics.
    134. Sowed hatred and strife between people, she offended others.
    135. She sold vodka and moonshine, speculated, drove the moonshine (was present at the same time) and took part.
    136. She suffered from gluttony, even got up to eat and drink at night.
    137. I drew a cross on the ground.
    138. She read atheistic books, magazines, “treatises on love,” considered pornographic pictures, maps, semi-nude images.
    139. Distorted the Holy Scriptures (reading errors, singing).
    140. Exalted pride, looking for primacy and primacy.
    141. In anger mentioned an evil force, called the demon.
    142. I was engaged in dancing and playing on holidays and Sundays.
    143. In the filth, I entered the church, ate prosphora, the antidor.
    144. In anger, scolded and cursed the offended me: so that neither the bottom nor the tires, and so on.
    145. I spent money on amusements (rides, carousels, all sorts of spectacles).
    146. I was offended by my spiritual father, murmured against him.
    147. I disdained kissing icons, taking care of sick, old people.
    148. She teased deaf-and-dumb, weak-minded, juvenile, angered animals, paid evil for evil.
    149. She tempted people, wore see-through clothes, mini-skirts.
    150. She was baptized, was baptized, saying: “fail me in this place”, etc.
    151. Retell ugly stories (sinful in nature) from the lives of their parents and neighbors.
    152. Had a spirit of jealousy for her friend, sister, brother, friend.
    153. I have sinned by selfishness, self-will, a complaint that there is no health, strength, strength in the body.
    154. She envied the rich people, the beauty of people, their mind, education, security, goodwill.
    155. She did not keep her prayers and good deeds in secret; she did not keep church secrets.
    156. Justifying their sins with illness, weakness, physical weakness.
    157. She condemned sins and shortcomings of others, compared people, gave them characteristics, judged them.
    158. She discovered other people's sins, mocked them, made fun of people.
    159. Intentionally deceiving, telling lies.
    160. Hastily read the holy books, when the mind and heart did not assimilate what was read.
    161. Left a prayer because of fatigue, justifying weakness.
    162. I rarely cried that I live unrighteously, I forgot about humility, self-determination, about salvation and about a terrible trial.
    163. In life she did not commit herself to the will of God.
    164. She ruined her spiritual house, sneered at people, discussed the fall of others.
    165. Itself was a tool of the devil.
    166. Not always cut off his will before the elder.
    167. I spent a lot of time on empty letters, not on spiritual ones.
    168. Did not have the feeling of fear of God.
    169. Was angry, threatened with a fist, swore.
    170. I read more than I prayed.
    171. Yielded to the persuasion, the temptation to sin.
    172. Powerfully ordered.
    173. I talked about others, made others swear.
    174. She turned her face away from those who asked.
    175. Violated the peace of mind of his neighbor, had a sinful mood of the spirit.
    176. She did good without thinking of God.
    177. Frustrated place, title, position.
    178. The bus did not give way to the elderly, passengers with children.
    179. When buying bargained, fell into surplus.
    180. She did not always accept the words of the elders and confessors with faith.
    181. I looked with curiosity, asked about the mundane.
    182. Nezhila flesh shower, bath, bath.
    183. Traveled aimlessly, for boredom.
    184. When the visitors left, she did not try to free herself from sin by prayer, but remained in it.
    185. She allowed herself benefits in prayer, pleasures in worldly pleasures.
    186. Pleased others in pleasing the flesh and the enemy, and not to the benefit of the spirit and salvation.
    187. Sinned by an insensitive attachment to friends.
    188. She was proud of herself in committing a good deedNot humiliated, did not reproach herself.
    189. Not always sorry for sinful people, and scolded and reproached them.
    190. She was dissatisfied with her life, scolded her and said: “When only death takes me”.
    191. There were cases that persistently called, loudly knocked to open.
    192. When reading, I did not think about it in Holy Scripture.
    193. Not always had the hospitality of visitors and the memory of God.
    194. She did business on addiction and worked unnecessarily.
    195. Often fanned with empty dreams.
    196. She sinned with malice, she was not silent in anger, she did not move away from the exciting anger.
    197. In illness, I often used food not for satisfaction, but for pleasure and enjoyment.
    198. Cold received mentally useful visitors.
    199. Grieved at the one who offended me And grieved at me when I offended.
    200. At prayer, she did not always have penitential feelings, strait thoughts.
    201. She offended her husband, who avoided intimacy on the wrong day.
    202. In anger, she encroached upon the life of her neighbor.
    203. I sinned and sin fornication: I was with my husband not to conceive children, but out of lust In the absence of my husband I defiled myself with onanism.
    204. At work, she was persecuted for the truth and grieved about it.
    205. She laughed at the mistakes of others and made loud remarks.
    206. Wore feminine whims: beautiful umbrellas, lush clothes, other people's hair (wigs, hairpieces, braids).
    207. Afraid of suffering, she reluctantly endured them.
    208. Often she opened her mouth to show off her golden teeth, wore gold-rimmed spectacles, an abundance of rings and gold ornaments.
    209. She asked for advice from people who do not have a spiritual mind.
    210. Before reading the word of God, she did not always call upon the grace of the Holy Spirit; she was concerned only to read more.
    211. She gave the gift of God to the womb, lust, idleness, and sleep. She did not work with talent.
    212. She was lazy to write and rewrite spiritual instructions.
    213. Painted hair and rejuvenated, visited beauty salons.
    214. By giving alms, she did not unite her with the correction of her heart.
    215. She did not shy flatterers, and did not stop them.
    216. Had a penchant for clothes: care as if not to stain, not to dust, not to dunk.
    217. I didn’t always wish my enemies salvation and didn’t care about it.
    218. At prayer was "a slave of necessity and duty."
    219. After fasting, she leaned on skoromnuyu food, ate to heaviness in the stomach and often without time.
    220. Rarely she prayed at night prayer. She smelled tobacco and indulged in smoking.
    221. Did not avoid the temptations of the soul Had emotional hardships Fallen spirit.
    222. On the road, I forgot about prayer.
    223. Intervened with instructions.
    224. I did not sympathize with the sick and the sorrowful.
    225. I did not always lend.
    226. She feared sorcerers more than God.
    227. I felt sorry for the good of others.
    228. Spoiled and spoiled the sacred books.
    229. I talked to the morning and after the evening prayer.
    230. Gave guests a glass against their will, entertained beyond measure.
    231. She did the works of God without love and zeal.
    232. Often she did not see her sins, rarely condemned herself.
    233. I was amused by my face, looking in the mirror, making grimaces.
    234. About God spoke without humility and caution.
    235. He was burdensome with service, waiting for the end, hurrying to the exit sooner, to calm down and take up everyday affairs.
    236. I rarely did self-tests, in the evening I did not read the prayer “I confess unto you ...”
    237. Rarely thought about what she heard in the temple and read in the Scriptures.
    238. In the evil man did not look for the features of kindness and did not talk about his good deeds.
    239. Often she did not see her sins and rarely condemned herself.
    240. Took contraceptives Required from her husband to protect, interrupt the act.
    241. Praying for health and rest, often sorted out the names without the participation and love of the heart.
    242. Spoke everything when it would be better to remain silent.
    243. In conversation, she used artistic techniques. She spoke in an unnatural voice.
    244. Insulted by inattention and disregard for themselves, was inattentive to others.
    245. Do not refrain from excesses and pleasures.
    246. Without permission, she wore someone else's clothes, spoiled other things. In the room she blew her nose to the floor.
    247. I was looking for benefits and benefits for myself, not for my neighbor.
    248. She urged a person to sin: to lie, steal, peep.
    249. To inform and retell.
    250. I found pleasure in sinful dates.
    251. I visited places of ungodliness, debauchery and godlessness.
    252. She substituted her ear to hear the evil.
    253. I attributed success to myself, not to the help of God.
    254. Studying the spiritual life, did not fulfill it in the matter.
    255. In vain disturbed people, did not soothe the angry and saddened.
    256. Often washing clothes, wasting time unnecessarily.
    257. Sometimes she ran into danger: she ran across the road in front of the transport, crossed the river on thin ice, etc.
    258. She towered over others, showing her superiority and wisdom of mind. Allowed herself to humiliate another, mocking the imperfections of body and soul.
    259. I set aside the works of God, mercy and prayer for later.
    260. I did not mourn for myself when I did evil deeds. I listened to vicious speeches with pleasure, blasphemered life and the contact of others.
    261. I did not use the surplus income on the sensible.
    262. Not saved from the days of fasting, to serve the sick, needy and children.
    263. Worked reluctantly, with grumbling and annoyance because of the small fee.
    264. It was the cause of sin in family quarrels.
    265. Without gratitude and self-corruption, she endured grief.
    266. Not always retired to stay alone with God.
    267. She lay for a long time and lain in bed, did not immediately get up to prayer.
    268. She lost her temper in defending the offended, held in her heart hostility and evil.
    269. Did not stop talking gossip, Sam often passed on to others and with an increase from herself.
    270. Before the morning prayer and during the prayer rule, she did household chores.
    271. Her thoughts autonomously issued a true rule of life.
    272. I ate stolen.
    273. She did not confess the Lord with her mind, heart, word, deed. She had an alliance with the wicked.
    274. Over meal I was lazy to treat and serve my neighbor.
    275. Grieved over the dead, that she was ill.
    276. I was glad that the holiday had come and no need to work.
    277. On holidays I drank wine. I loved to go to dinner parties. I was overwhelmed with it.
    278. I listened to the teachers, when they spoke the soulless, against God.
    279. She used perfume, burned Indian incense.
    280. I was engaged in lesbianism, with voluptuousness I touched someone else's body. With lust and voluptuousness I watched the animal chastity.
    281. She cared beyond measure about feeding the body. She took gifts or alms at a time when she did not need to take it.
    282. Did not try to be away from a person who likes to chat.
    283. She did not get baptized, did not read the prayer when the church bell rang.
    284. Being under the guidance of my spiritual father, I did everything of my own will.
    285. Naked when bathing, sunbathing, physical education, with the disease appeared to a man-doctor.
    286. Not always, with repentance, she recalled and counted her violations of the Law of God.
    287. While reading prayers and canons, I was lazy to make bows.
    288. Hearing that a person is sick, did not rush to help.
    289. With thought and word I extolled myself in the good made.
    290. Believer nagovorovNe punished herself for sins.
    291. During her service in the church, she read her home rule or wrote a textbook.
    292. Do not refrain from favorite foods (albeit lean).
    293. Not justly punished and gave notations to children.
    294. Did not have a daily memory of God's judgment, death, the Kingdom of God.
    295. During the time of sorrow, the mind and heart did not occupy with the prayer of Christ.
    296. She did not force herself to pray, to read the Word of God, to cry for her sins.
    297. Rarely she commemorated the dead, did not pray for the dead.
    298. With unconfessed sin she proceeded to the Chalice.
    299. In the morning I practiced gymnastics, but I did not devote my imagination to God.
    300. When praying, I was lazy to cross myself, dismantled my thin thoughts, did not think about what was waiting for me beyond the coffin.
    301. I hurried on prayer, lazily reduced it and read it without proper attention.
    302. She told about her offenses to her neighbors and acquaintances. She visited places where bad examples were given.
    303. I sensed a person without meekness and love. I was irritated when I corrected my neighbor.
    304. Not always lit the lamp on holidays and Sundays.
    305. On Sundays, I did not go to the temple, but for mushrooms, berries ...
    306. Had savings more than necessary.
    307. I felt sorry for strength, health, to serve my neighbor.
    308. Reproached neighbor in the incident.
    309. Walking on the way to the temple, I did not always read the prayers.
    310. Spoken when convicting a person.
    311. She was jealous of her husband, angrily remembered about her rival, wished her death, used the znacharian slander to torment her.
    312. She used to be demanding and disrespectful to the people. She used to top herself in conversations with her neighbors. On the way to the temple, she overtook her older than me, not waiting for those who lagged behind me.
    313. He turned his talents to earthly blessings.
    314. She was jealous of her spiritual father.
    315. I tried to be always right.
    316. I asked unnecessary.
    317. Cried about temporary.
    318. She interpreted dreams and took them seriously.
    319. She boasted of sin, evil deed.
    320. After communion she was not safe from sin.
    321. She kept atheistic books and playing cards in the house.
    322. She gave advice, not knowing whether they were pleasing to God, was careless in the affairs of God.
    323. She took prosphora without awe, holy water (she spilled holy water, sprinkled prosphora crumbs).
    324. I went to bed and got up without prayer.
    325. Spoiled her children, not paying attention to their bad deeds.
    326. In the post I was engaged in lumber gestation, I liked to drink strong tea, coffee, other drinks.
    327. She took the tickets, products from the back door, went on the bus without a ticket.
    328. She put the prayer and the temple above serving the neighbor.
    329. Endured sorrow with gloom and murmur.
    330. Irritated in fatigue and illness.
    331. Had free treatment of persons of the opposite sex.
    332. At the remembrance of worldly affairs, she cast a prayer.
    333. I got to eat and drink the sick and the children.
    334. She contemptuously treated the wicked people, did not aspire to their conversion.
    335. She knew and gave money for a bad deed.
    336. She walked in without an invitation to the house, peeped through the crack, through the window, into the keyhole, and listened at the door.
    337. I entrusted secrets to strangers.
    338. Eat food without need and hunger.
    339. I read prayers with mistakes, got off, missed, incorrectly emphasized.
    340. She lived lustfully with her husband. Permitted distortions and carnal pleasures.
    341. I loaned and asked for debts back.
    342. I tried to learn about divine objects more than what God revealed.
    343. I sinned with body movements, gait, gesture.
    344. I set myself up as an example, boasted, boasted.
    345. Passionately talked about the earth, enjoyed the memory of sin.
    346. Went to the temple and back with empty talk.
    347. I insured my life and property, I wanted to cash in on insurance.
    348. It was greedy for pleasure, unchaste.
    349. She passed on her conversations with the elder and her temptations to others.
    350. It was not a donor for the love of one's neighbor, but for the sake of drinking, free days, for money.
    351. Daringly and self-willed, she plunged herself into grief and temptation.
    352. She was bored, dreamed of travel and entertainment.
    353. I made the wrong decisions in anger.
    354. I was distracted by thought in prayer.
    355. I went to the south for carnal entertainment.
    356. I used the time of prayer on everyday matters.
    357. I jotted down the words, distorted the thoughts of others, expressed my displeasure aloud.
    358. I was ashamed to confess to my neighbors that I was a believer, and I was visiting the temple of God.
    359. Slander, demanded justice in higher instances, wrote complaints.
    360. Denounced those who do not attend the temple and do not repent.
    361. I bought lottery tickets with the hope of enrichment.
    362. She gave alms and rudely stipulated the one who asked.
    363. I listened to the advice of the egoists, who themselves were slaves of their womb and carnal passions.
    364. Engaged in self-exaltation, proudly awaiting greetings from the neighbor.
    365. Fasting and eagerly awaiting the end of it.
    366. Without disgust, she did not take away the stench from people.
    367. In anger, she rebuked people, forgetting that we are all sinners.
    368. I went to bed, did not remember the affairs of the day, and did not shed tears about my sins.
    369. Not kept the Charter of the Church and the traditions of the holy fathers.
    370. For help in the household paid vodka, tempted people with drunkenness.
    371. In a post made tricks in food.
    372. She was distracted from prayer by the bite of a mosquito, a fly and other insects.
    373. At the sight of human ingratitude, she was kept from doing good deeds.
    374. I was afraid of dirty work: clean the toilet, pick up garbage.
    375. During the breastfeeding period, she did not refrain from married life.
    376. In the temple stood with his back to the altar and the holy icons.
    377. Cooked sophisticated foods, tempted with gutterobesiem.
    378. I enjoyed reading entertainment books, not the Scriptures of the Holy Fathers.
    379. I watched TV, spent all day at the “box”, and not in prayers before the icons.
    380. Listened to passionate worldly music.
    381. I looked for comfort in friendship, longed for carnal pleasures, loved to kiss on the mouth with men and women.
    382. Engaged in extortion and deception, tried and discussed people.
    383. In her post she felt disgust at the monotonous, lean food.
    384. The word of God spoke unworthy to people (not “to throw beads before swine”).
    385. She kept in neglect holy icons and did not wipe them from dust in time.
    386. She was lazy to write congratulations on church holidays.
    387. She spent time in worldly games and entertainment: checkers, backgammon, lotto, cards, chess, rolling pins, ryuha, Rubik's cube and others.
    388. I talked sick, gave advice to go to the sorceress, gave addresses to sorcerers.
    389. I believed signs and slanders: spat over my left shoulder, a black cat ran, a spoon fell, a fork and so on.
    390. Sharply answered angry at his anger.
    391. I tried to prove the justification and justice of my anger.
    392. It was pesky, interrupted the sleep of people, distracted them from the meal.
    393. Relaxed in secular conversations with young people of the opposite sex.
    394. Engaged in idle talk, curiosity, stuck on the fires and attended the accidents.
    395. She considered it unnecessary to be treated in case of illnesses and to visit a doctor.
    396. I tried to calm myself down by the hasty execution of the rule.
    397. Overly worried about work.
    398. I ate a lot in meat week.
    399. Gave wrong advice to neighbors.
    400. She told controversial jokes.
    401. For the sake of the authorities closed the holy icons.
    402. I neglected the man in his old age and the paucity of his mind.
    403. She stretched her hands to her naked body, watched and touched secret uds with her hands.
    404. Punishing children with anger, in a fit of passion, with abuse and a curse.
    405. She taught children to pry, eavesdrop, prank.
    406. Spoiled her children, did not pay attention to their bad deeds.
    407. She had a fear of satanic for the body, was afraid of wrinkles, gray hair.
    408. I burdened others with requests.
    409. Made conclusions about the sinfulness of people because of their misfortunes.
    410. She wrote insulting and anonymous letters, said rudeness, prevented people on the phone, allowing jokes under an assumed name.
    411. Sit on the bed without the permission of the owner.
    412. In prayer, she imagined the Lord.
    413. Satanic laughter attacked while reading and listening to the Divine.
    414. She asked for advice from people unknowing in that case, she believed sly people.
    415. She aspired to the primacy, rivalry, won interviews, participated in competitions.
    416. She treated the Gospel as a fortunetelling book.
    417. Tore off berries, flowers, branches in foreign gardens without permission.
    418. In the post did not have a good disposition to the people, committed violations of the post.
    419. Not always aware and regretted sin.
    420. Listened to worldly records, sinned by the sight of video and porn, relaxed in other worldly pleasures.
    421. I read a prayer, having hostility towards my neighbor.
    422. She prayed in a hat, with her head uncovered.
    423. Believed signs.
    424. I used indiscriminately paper, on which the name of God was written.
    425. She was proud of her literacy and erudition, imagined, singled out people with higher education.
    426. Assigned the money found.
    427. In the church put bags and things on the windows.
    428. Ride for fun on the machine, motor boat, bicycle.
    429. Repeated other people's bad words, listening to people who swear at the floor.
    430. With enthusiasm I read newspapers, books, worldly magazines.
    431. She hated to beggars, poor, sick, who smelled foul.
    432. She was proud that she had not committed shameful sins, murder, abortion, and so on.
    433. Overeat and drunk before the onset of posts.
    434. Acquired unnecessary things, without having the need.
    435. After the prodigal sleep did not always read the prayers from desecration.
    436. Celebrated the New Year, wore masks and obscene clothes, reveled, swore, ate and sinned.
    437. It caused damage to the neighbor, spoiled and broke other people's things.
    438. She believed in nameless “prophets,” in “holy letters,” “the dream of the Virgin,” she herself rewrote them and passed them on to others.
    439. The sermons in the temple listened with a spirit of criticism and condemnation.
    440. She used her earnings for sinful lusts and amusements.
    441. Spreading thin rumors about priests and monks.
    442. She pushed herself in the temple, hurrying to kiss the icon, the gospel, the cross.
    443. She was proud, lacked and poor indignation and murmured against the Lord.
    444. Wet in public and even joked about this.
    445. Taken loan did not always give in time.
    446. Humbled her sins in confession.
    447. She gloated over the misfortune of her neighbor.
    448. Instructed others in an instructive, imperative tone.
    449. Shared their vices with people and affirmed them in these vices.
    450. She quarreled with people for a place in the temple, near the icons, near the eve table.
    451. Inattention caused pain to animals.
    452. Left a glass with vodka at the grave of relatives.
    453. She did not prepare herself enough for the sacrament of confession.
    454. The sanctity of Sundays and holidays violated by games, visits to shows and so on.
    455. When the crop was sown, I swore at the cattle with dirty words.
    456. She arranged meetings in cemeteries, ran and played hide and seek in childhood.
    457. Allowed sexual relations before marriage.
    458. Especially drunk to decide on sin, along with wine, used medicines to get more drunk.
    459. She begged for alcohol, laid for this things, documents.
    460. In order to attract attention, make you worry, tried to commit suicide.
    461. As a child, she did not listen to teachers, did not prepare well for lessons, was lazy, disrupted classes.
    462. Attended cafes, restaurants arranged in temples.
    463. She sang in the restaurant, on the stage, danced in a variety show.
    464. In transport with the cramped experience the pleasure of touch, did not try to avoid them.
    465. I offended my parents for punishment, remembered these offenses for a long time and told others about them.
    466. She calmed herself with the fact that everyday cares prevented her from doing the work of faith, salvation and piety, and justified herself by the fact that in her youth no one had taught the Christian faith.
    467. Spending time on useless troubles, fuss, talk.
    468. I was engaged in the interpretation of dreams.
    469. With obsession objected, fought, scolded.
    470. I sinned with thefts, in my childhood I stole eggs, handed them over to the store and so on.
    471. She was vain, proud, did not honor her parents, did not obey the authorities.
    472. She was engaged in heresy, had a wrong opinion about the subject of faith, doubt and even apostasy from the Orthodox faith.
    473. Had sodom's sin (copulation with animals, with the wicked, entered into an incestuous connection).

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