• How to connect a laptop to the network?

    Today, laptops are very popular and many users refuse desktop PCs in their favor. To increase the comfort of working with it, you need to know how to connect a laptop to the network in order to be able to use the Internet.

    There are several ways to connect a laptop to the network.


    The simplest and most popular way to connect to the network is to use wireless technologies, in other words, Wi-Fi. As a rule, the laptop already has an installed Wi-Fi module, so there is no need to buy additional devices and install them. If there is no this module on your laptop for any reason, you can purchase a Wi-Fi adapter in the computer store.

    To connect a laptop to a wireless network, you need to be within its range. All you have to do is turn on the wireless module on your laptop, then click on “Wireless Network Connection” in the lower right corner and select the network you want to connect to. If necessary, enter a password that can be obtained from the owner or administrator of the network.

    For more information, see the article on how to connect a laptop to WiFi in this article - “How to connect to a Wi-Fi network?”.

    USB modem

    Another way to connect a laptop to the Internet is a USB modem.

    This option is very convenient, since many providers today offer such an Internet connection, which is why the price of the service is quite democratic. Some providers offer connection immediately with a modem, so there is no need to look for where and which modem you need to purchase in order to use a certain Internet. The USB modem is also very convenient, because you can get access to the network almost anywhere and there is no need to search for a Wi-Fi point or network cable.

    Depending on your provider, the connection may be made in different ways. In some cases, you may be offered a free setup directly at the service center. Here, the professionals will make the setup for you quickly enough and there will be no problems with accessing the Internet in the future.

    If you are forced to do the setup yourself, you will be helped with materials on how to connect the modem to the laptop and

    how to connect to the Internet using a modem, then these two articles will help you: “How to connect a modem to a laptop?” and “How to connect the Internet via a modem?”.

    Network cable

    A great way to access the Internet is to connect your laptop to a local area network using a network cable.

    To do this, check out the Internet connection offers that are available in the area in which you live. Today, many providers offer such services, so you only need to choose the best option.

    After you order the service, you will be led home with a cable that you need to plug into the appropriate connector on your laptop. After that, you only need to configure the network connection of your computer.

    More information about this can be found in the article on setting up the Internet in Windows.

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