• How to connect a printer to a laptop?

    Edward Stefchishin
    Edward Stefchishin
    February 1, 2013
    How to connect a printer to a laptop?

    All owners of laptops, sooner or later the question arises how to connect the printer to a laptop. There are no special secrets, and any device, including a printer, is connected either via a USB cable or via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wireless devices. wireless access point.

    Connect using USB cable

    A switch cable is supplied with each printer included. Connecting the cable to the printer, the other end of it is connected to the laptop in any of the USB inputs. It is not possible to confuse, since each end of the cable fits exactly to its nest. In modern, computer-installed operating systems, installation driver files are included for a variety of connected devices. Most printers are detected automatically, and the device driver is installed by itself.

    Manual installation

    In case of not determining the laptop printer, we can install it manually.To do this, go to the Start menu - Printers and Faxes - Installing a Printer (the top line in the menu on the left). Windows XP will display a window prompting you to install software for the device found — the Add Printer Wizard. Click "Next", select a local printer, click - "Next."

    The system searches for hardware and offers to install the appropriate drivers. In order to install them, you need a disk with software that comes with each hardware.

    Insert the disc into the drive and click on the installer menu - perform a search on removable media. Installation will start automatically. After installation, you must restart the computer and the printer is ready to work.

    Installing the printer on Windows 7

    To install a printer on Windows 7, you need to do the same operations and select the appropriate drivers for this operating system. Basically, OS version 7, it finds the driver itself and in most cases, manual intervention is not needed. In case of loss of a disk or another reason for its absence, you must download the appropriate driver on the Internet on the manufacturer's website.Also, this action must be performed if another operating system is on the laptop, for example, linux or MS DOS.

    Connecting a wireless printer

    You can connect the printer to the laptop and wireless. This requires printers that support this mode of operation. In order to connect the printer in this way, it is necessary to strictly follow the installation instructions that are mandatory for the manufacturer.

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