• How to connect Plantronics?

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    How to connect Plantronics?

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    How to connect Plantronics?

    If you have purchased a Plantronics bluetooth headset, then you need to configure the bluetooth to synchronize with your mobile device. To do this, you can use our instructions, which tells in detail how to connect Plantronics.

    Device connection

    In order to connect the Plantronics bluetooth headset, let's do the following:

    1. Turn on both devices.
    2. Enter the headset into search mode. If you have a M2500, hold the multifunction wheel up and the call answer button, if the M3000 / 3500 - hold the call answer button and the volume down button. When the button starts flashing, release.
    3. On the mobile phone, select "Bluetooth Search", and in the opened window - M2500 (3000/3500) by Plantronics.
    4. After that, the phone can request a password, enter 0000. The pairing of devices is complete, and you can start using.

    If the connection is lost, you need to repeat the previous steps or contact the service center, you may have problems with your Bluetooth device.

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