• How to connect the camera to a laptop?

    Julia Chmykhalo
    Julia Chmykhalo
    December 19, 2014
    How to connect the camera to a laptop?

    If you still have an old video camera with an analog output, then do not rush to write it off due to the advent of digital technology. It can be easily connected to a computer to save video and sound from analog media (video cassettes for the camera). To connect this device with a PC, you will need to install a special video card with an analog input and special drivers for video capture. But if you are the owner of a laptop, then things are a little more complicated, since there is no room for additional expansion slots.

    How to connect the camera to a laptop to save the video?

    Despite the fact that you can connect a modern type of webcam to a laptop in a matter of seconds, you will have to tinker with an analog video camera.

    The process of connecting an analog video camera:

    1. First, buy a USB <> S-video adapter (such as EasyCAP) or a TV tuner with analog output;
    2. After that, you will need to install drivers for the device that came with it on the complete disk;
    3. To capture video, you need to install programs such as Pinnacle Studio for a TV tuner or MultiViewer for an adapter;
    4. Now you can connect a tuner or adapter to a laptop and connect the device to the output of the video camera;
    5. After that, you need to run the software to capture video and turn on the camera in the mode for playing video to an external source.

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