• How to connect the Internet to the MTS?

    Marina Fedotova
    Marina Fedotova
    December 19, 2012
    How to connect the Internet to the MTS?

    Each subscriber of the mobile operator MTS, acquiring a phone or a new SIM card from this mobile company, can use the Internet, while today it will not take him a long time to set up his phone. It is enough to follow a few simple instructions that will tell you how to connect the Internet to the MTS.

    Virtually every owner of a phone that uses the services of the well-known mobile operator MTS in Russia can order GPRS settings on their phone. We will list several ways that will allow you to get settings for connecting the Internet to your MTS phone:

    • You will be able to visit the official site of this operator, where in the “Internet from Phone” section you will receive a request for a mobile phone number to which you need to connect unlimited Internet to the MTS.
    • The same settings can be ordered by calling the service number of the mobile operator MTS - 0876, which is absolutely free for all MTS subscribers.
    • If you do not really want to spend a large amount of your time on these procedures, then you can also send an empty SMS message to a special number 1234.

    All three methods involve receiving after a request a service SMS with settings that you will need to save. As a rule, on the phone after receiving such messages, an additional option “Save” is provided.

    After saving the settings to the phone, you will need to select the corresponding access point of the mobile operator MTS in its settings.

    Note that this telecom operator often provides its subscribers with advantageous Internet tariff plans that operate on the basis of the GPRS service. There are also special offers, namely unlimited tariffs from MTS, for especially active users of the mobile Internet. You can also familiarize yourself with the details of these services in several ways.

    • Connecting unlimited Internet using a free USSD request, the key combination * 510 #.
    • SMS-center, which is available from this carrier at number 510.As a rule, you can send messages to this center at any time of the day. In the text of such a message should contain a capital or small letter A, written in Latin.
    • There is also a special “Internet Assistant” system from the MTS operator or a USSD portal, which you can access by the number * 111 * 404 #.

    All of the above methods allow everyone who wants to get acquainted with the details of connecting unlimited Internet, its cost and duration of action. In addition, at any time of the day, each client of the company can personally contact the contact center and technical support center, which are operated by the MTS operator. The main purpose of such centers, first of all, is the solution of possible problems that have arisen that are difficult to set up or connect to the mobile Internet MTS.

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