• How to connect the phone to the TV?

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    How to connect the phone to the TV?

    Virtually any modern TV is equipped with a variety of external interfaces that provide easy connection of various peripheral devices, such as flash drives, digital tuners, video players, mobile phones, etc. In addition, some TVs are equipped with built-in operating system, Wi-Fi module , webcam and can go online. All this provides ample opportunities for connecting a wide variety of smartphones and phones, both for transferring images from the screen, and for working directly with media files.

    How to connect the phone to the TV for data transfer?

    Many people know that some smartphones are able to transfer an image from their display to a TV screen, but not everyone knows that you can get access to media data stored on virtually any ordinary phone with a memory card from a TV.

    The algorithm for connecting the phone to the TV:

    1. Make sure the TV has a USB port that can read flash drives;
    2. Check the memory card in the phone and make sure that it works;
    3. Make sure that your phone supports “Mass Storage” mode (when connected to a computer, the memory card should appear as a removable disk);
    4. Locate the included USB cable from your phone;
    5. Next, you need to connect the cable to the TV and the connector on the phone;
    6. Switch the TV to the playback mode of media files from a flash drive (this can usually be done using the button to switch between TV / AV modes on the remote control);
    7. If the phone prompts you to select the connection mode, select “Mass Storage” or “External storage”;
    8. Now all files and folders stored on the device’s memory card should be displayed on the TV.

    In this mode, you can work with the phone as with a regular flash drive or an external hard drive. This option is perfect if you need to show any photos or video, but it will not allow to display a picture from the display of the gadget on the TV. In addition, many modern Android smartphones do not have direct access to the memory card and do not allow working with it in the “Mass Storage” mode.

    How to connect a smartphone on Android or iOS to the TV?

    If you have a modern Smart TV with Wi-Fi installed, then there should be no problems with connecting to an Android smartphone.

    1. First you need to connect the phone with the TV to one Wi-Fi network (to connect the TV, you may have to use the instructions);
    2. On the Android device, install the program to open access to the file system over a local network (for example, ES Explorer);
    3. In the program settings, enable the display of the memory card of the device in the local network;
    4. On the TV, find the menu section responsible for working with the local network;
    5. Find your device in it and open it.

    To connect devices on iOS, you need to purchase a special console, called Apple TV.

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