• How does the Xbox 360 connect to the internet?

    Undoubtedly, the Xbox 360 - is one of the leaders in the market of modern gaming computer technology. Its developers have tried to invest the maximum of their skills in the creation of the console. Today, we will look at how you can connect your Xbox 360 to the Internet.

    How to connect the Xbox 360 to the Internet: ways

    We connect the console "directly"

    In this method of connecting the main role is played by the MAC address of your computer. Need to check your internet connection. If it is with the computer turned off, then you will be able to connect the console to the Internet. Write down on a separate sheet all the network settings that supplies your computer. To do this, look at the properties of the network connection. From there you need to write out including the MAC address, that is, the physical address of your computer. Now you need to go to your console and enter in the network settings all the data that you recorded. Now your Xbox should go online using your provider.
    Read more about connecting the console to a PC in our article "How to connect the Xbox 360 to the computer?".

    We connect the console through a router

    This is the most convenient way. The main difficulty is to properly configure the router. This method will save you from the constant change of wires from the computer to the console and back. If you want to connect the Xbox 360 to the Internet, it is better to use a good router. In this case, the method of connection will depend on the type of your Internet connection.

    There are different models of modems. If your modem includes several network inputs, then everything is fine. Simply plug your Xbox power cord into a free network jack. If the model of your modem contains only one network output, then you need to connect the console power cord to this output. In the console itself, you will need to configure PPPoE parameters. You will need to enter the login and password of your ADSL connection.

    If your modem works using a USB connection, then you cannot connect the device to a computer directly. You can buy a router separately. Why is it needed? It is needed to distribute traffic to all network devices you need. Take our example: you need an enabled computer with an Internet connection, but you also need an Xbox to play with friends over the network.The router performs the function of traffic distribution. That is, you will have a connection both on the computer and on the console. You can find out how to properly configure the router at this link:

    If you own a VPN connection, then you can connect your Xbox 360 to the Internet only through a computer or only through a router.

    We connect the console through a network card

    To connect the console to the Internet can not do without a free network card. If the computer to which you want to connect the console is not connected to the Internet, then surely the network card in it is free. Each Xbox comes with a power cord in the kit, which you need to put into the input of a computer network card. If the network card is busy, then buy another network card. It will cost you 200 or 300 rubles. Not so expensive to use all Xbox resources.

    After connecting the Xbox power cord to your computer, you need to configure some settings. In the Network Connections folder, you need to determine which network connection is responsible for the network card where the Xbox console is connected. Once you have determined, you can rename this connection to avoid confusion later on.Now you need to edit the settings for the Xbox connection itself. Go to the option "Properties" network connection. You need to select the TCP / IP protocol. Now the properties of this protocol. The following parameters must be set: IP = and Mask - All other settings do not need to be edited. Accordingly, without any changes, we close all windows in order to connect the Xbox 360 to the Internet. Now go to the network settings of the console itself. You need to similarly set the IP and mask parameters. IP should be different from what we have previously entered only one last digit. It can be any number from "2" to "254". You can enter the following IP: IP = The mask remains unchanged. Usually experienced gamers advise to register a gateway. The gateway is the IP address of the computer itself. That is, in our case After all these actions, the console should establish a connection to the Internet.

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