• How to cook an anthill?

    As many know, this dessert combines several positive qualities, it is fast cooking, as well as a wonderful taste. So, your task is to make an Anthill cake, we will provide you with a step-by-step recipe.

    Recipe 1

    Cake anthill classic.

    Ingredients for the filling:

    • boiled condensed milk - 250 grams
    • butter - 200 grams
    • walnuts - 100 grams
    • confectionery poppy - 20 grams

    Ingredients for the dough:

    • Flour - 0.5 kilogram
    • Eggs - 1 pc.
    • butter - 200 grams
    • Sugar - 150 grams
    • Baking powder dough - 50 grams
    • vanilla sugar - 50 grams
    • sour cream - 100 grams

    If you come to cook the cake, then you will need boiled condensed milk. If you went shopping and did not find it in them, then you should not despair. You can take the usual and, by boiling in a bowl with water, bring it to the desired state.

    So, how to cook an anthill? Take a deep plate and lay out sour cream, egg, sugar (plain and vanilla), and softened butter in it.

    Stir thoroughly enough to dissolve the sugar.Add baking powder with flour. Start kneading dough. We divide the dough in half, wrap both parts in cling film, then remove for 30 minutes in the freezer. Lay out our walnuts on a plastic bag and towel. Fold in half and roll with a rolling pin. Total we get small pieces of walnut. We take out the dough and rub it on the grate. We take out a baking sheet and lay on it a thin layer of dough. Put in the oven baking sheet with dough. We wait until the dough is reddened, after which we immediately get it. We get cookies. It is necessary to break it into small parts. In a large plate lay out boiled condensed milk, butter and nuts. Stir. In the resulting mass lay cookies. Again we interfere. Take a plate and lay out in the form of an anthill. Top can be sprinkled with chips or poppy seeds, then send in the fridge overnight to allow the cookies to soak in the filling.

    Recipe 2

    Now consider the cake anthill of biscuits

    It should be said that, probably, this is the simplest cake recipe from all existing ones. You will need only ten minutes, after which, you can safely relax on the couch. Cooking is extremely simple.


    • Bank of boiled condensed milk - one piece.
    • A pound of any crumbly biscuits.
    • One glass of walnuts (preferably crushed).
    • Poppy and chocolate for decoration.

    Cooking method:

    First, start by chopping nuts. You can use a blender or other devices for this. You can take fresh nuts, or you can try to fry them in a frying pan without oil, which will greatly improve the taste of the cake, and give it piquancy. Next, take a cookie. Him we crumble into small pieces. Buy a cookie that will break easily, such as a jubilee or shortbread. Mix the nuts with condensed milk, well mixed with a spoon. Now we take the resulting mass and lay a slide on some beautiful plate, giving the image of a volcano. Melt on a water bath a tile of light or dark chocolate and pour the resulting mass dessert. After you can sprinkle with poppy seeds.

    Recipe 3

    Consider another option, how to cook a cake anthill.


    • A pack of fresh butter (cream) - one piece.
    • Three packs (about 600 grams) of sugar cookies (as an option, you can choose any one you like)
    • 50 grams of poppy
    • 400 grams of boiled condensed milk
    • One pack (approximately 20 grams) of coconut shavings
    • Some vanilla (you can take a pinch)
    • 70 grams of chocolate

    How to make an anthill:

    First, paint the cookies with your hands and grind with a rolling pin or mortar. To exclude the possibility that cookies will scatter on the table, put it in a plastic bag. If the butter was in the freezer, you will need to get it and bring it to room temperature, after which you need to cut it in pieces and mix it with condensed milk. Plus, do not forget about poppy and vanilla. To prepare the cream, we need to whip a heterogeneous consistency. Combine cookies and cream. Carefully knead the mixture to achieve a homogeneous substance, lay out in the form of a slide on a plate. Once done - put in the fridge for 15-20 minutes. Rub and melt the chocolate bar, then pour the cake to her. Decorate the dish with coconut chips.

    The main thing is not to forget that improvisation is a key role in cooking. You can try different chocolates, various extras. The taste will change dramatically. Through trial and error, you select a specific recipe for yourself. Our work was to tell you: how to cook an anthill cake. Next is your choice.You can make an anthill cake from cookies. As described above - a fairly easy and quick way to cook up something tasty. If you have the time and desire, you can try the classic anthill cake. Everything is based on your desire. If suddenly it will be difficult to make a choice, then ask your relatives, maybe the name will intrigue them, and they will feel the sweetness of anticipation. Cook in pleasure.

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