• How to cook beshbarmak?

    Juicy crushed boiled meat with a subtle aroma of onions and the most delicate noodles of their own cooking of an unusual shape - this is it, the Kazakh national dish, with just as appetizing as it is naming itself - beshbarmak. Let's talk today how to cook beshbarmak independently from making noodle dough to the rules for serving a delicious dish.

    Cooking beshbarmak: recipe

    At the beginning we have already said that for beshbarmak it is necessary to cook noodles, however today you can buy noodles for this dish. It has a special shape - it is thin squares (diamonds), measuring about 5 to 5 centimeters. You will only need to boil it (usually cooked as ordinary pasta).

    We will learn how to cook beshbarmak, from A to Z.

    Required Products

    For broth (it is called tuzdyk in this dish, some say litter):

    1. beef (lamb, horse meat), preferably with a bone - 1.3 kg;
    2. salt;
    3. two bay leaves;
    4. one - two onion bulbs, carrots (only for boiling broth, if desired);
    5. bell pepper (on taste).
    For the test:
    1. water 200 ml;
    2. chicken eggs - two;
    3. salt - half a teaspoon;
    4. flour about 600 grams, but you may need more, how much will take the dough to the desired consistency (hard), plus on the filling when rolling;
    5. two bulb onions;
    6. parsley and fresh ground pepper.

    Cooking broth

    1. Rinse the meat and put in a pan with cold water and put on the fire.
    2. We are waiting for boiling and reduce the fire.
    3. Cook over low heat (should be a slight boil) for three / three and a half hours under the lid. During this time, the meat will be soft, tender and juicy. By the end of cooking, it should well move away from the bone.
    4. Approximately one and a half hours before the end of cooking we put the spices: bay leaves, peppercorns, salt. If desired, a spotted carrot is put and one - two onions (both entirely), they are necessary for the richness of the broth, if desired, you can not put them.
    5. Broth, we also will need, and beautiful, transparent, and therefore, in the process of cooking periodically remove the resulting foam. Do this carefully so as not to spread it over the broth.
    6. When the broth is cooked, we need to remove the meat and set it aside. Also remove all vegetables and spices.
    7. Strain the broth through gauze (folded in several layers).
    8. Well, if you have time to cool the broth and remove the formed fat from its surface (it can be used later in the recipe). But without this you can do.
    9. Meat is removed from the bone and disassembled into small pieces (can be cut, can be divided by hand).

    Cooking noodles


    1. Sift in a bowl about 400 grams of flour. Add salt, eggs (which can be shaken separately beforehand), pour in water (or cold broth, if any). Knead the dough, adding the necessary amount of flour as needed.
    2. Wrap the dough in a wrap or bag and let it rest for half an hour.
    3. Next, thickly sprinkle flour on the table, where we roll our dough.
    4. We separate a piece from the dough (the size of an apple), the rest is wrapped in a film (so as not to wrap).
    5. We roll a piece into a thin layer, constantly adding flour, so as not to stick and tear.
    6. Since we will cook beshbarmak according to the rules, then we will have noodles of an unusual shape, such as is used in this dish. We cut our layer into strips, and then into squares or rhombuses.
    7. We put rhombuses on parchment or another floured surface.
    8. Now you need to let them dry for 40 minutes.
    Cook noodles:
    1. Both onions cut into rings.
    2. Fry one until soft in the fat from the broth or in vegetable oil.
    3. Pour two broth scoops into a saucepan, put the second onion into it, pepper it well and bring to a boil (cook for two minutes).
    4. Remove the onion with a slotted spoon, add the broth (4-5 scoops), water, salt, bring to a boil.
    5. Boil our noodles in boiling broth (7-9 minutes), remove with a slotted spoon, let the excess water drain.
    6. Place the noodles on to the fried onions (see step 2) and mix them so that our diamonds do not stick together. So boil the noodles to the end.
    Actually, everything, you learned how to cook beshbarmak, now let's see how to properly serve it.

    Serving beshbarmak

    • On a wide dish (traditionally - common to all) fit noodles, soaked in onions, a little closer to the edges.
    • Put the meat in the center, and onions on top of it - bowed in the broth (see step 3-4 "cooking noodles"). From above - we pepper it.
    • Individually, each served broth in bowls (or simple plates), thickly sprinkled with chopped greens.
    • This dish is traditionally eaten with hands, alternating meat, noodles and washing down with broth. But, of course, according to our traditions, it is also possible to use a spoon.

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