• How to cook burgers in a slow cooker?

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    How to cook burgers in a slow cooker?

    Today it is very difficult to imagine our life without modern kitchen appliances. The slow cooker is one of the multifunctional assistants in the kitchen, where you can cook a variety of dishes. Now we will tell you how to cook burgers in a slow cooker, consider different ways.

    For cooking meatballs, you can use the following modes: baking, steaming and frying. But before that, you must first cook the minced meat and form the chops of the required size.


    This mode allows you to fry the patties in the same way as you do in the pan.

    1. Install the desired program and add a little sunflower oil.
    2. Put the patties in a slow cooker.
    3. Cook on each side for 10 minutes. (time depends on the type of multicooker).

    Bakery products

    The preparation procedure is as follows:

    1. Set the function "Baking" and grease the bowl with sunflower oil.
    2. Put the patties in the bowl.
    3. Fry the patties on both sides.
    4. Add a little broth and simmer another 20 minutes. with the lid closed.


    The preparation procedure is as follows:

    1. Pour water into the bowl and wait for it to boil.
    2. Install a steam plate with meatballs.
    3. Install the program "Steamer" and cook for 20 minutes, at this time the lid should be closed. On the "Steamer" mode, the cutlets are soft, tender, without a crisp, that is, healthy and dietary.

    Using a slow cooker for cooking cutlets gives you a number of significant advantages:

    1. Steamed, you can cook burgers simultaneously with a side dish, while leaving less time for cooking;
    2. due to the deep capacity, the juice and oil do not splash, but remain on the walls of the bowl;
    3. cutlets will never burn if you use the selected function correctly;
    4. burgers are more tasty, so they are not only fried and baked, but also stewed;
    5. You can delay the preparation of cutlets and for a certain time they will be ready;
    6. a special coating is applied on the multicooker bowl, which is very easy to clean;
    7. also using a slow cooker, you can warm up the cooked chops with a side dish, and everything will be ready by your arrival.

    It should be noted that when using a multifunctional cooker, the process of cooking cutlets will not only give you pleasure, but also save you time. You get a tasty and healthy dish, and if you cook for a couple, then also a low-calorie.

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