• How to cook Caesar sauce

    You will need
    • - egg - 1 piece
    • - Mustard - 1/4 tsp
    • - olive oil - 20 ml
    • - vegetable refined oil - 40 ml
    • - lemon juice - 1 tsp
    • - Anchovy fillets - 4 pieces or spicy salted sprat - 2 pieces
    • - Worcestershire (Worcestershire, Worcestershire) sauce (Worcestershire sauce) - 4–5 drops (since it is difficult to find on sale or its cost is too high, this sauce is replaced by balsamic vinegar and Thai fish sauce during cooking)
    • - salt
    • - freshly ground pepper
    An egg that has been warmed to room temperature is immersed in boiling salted water and cooked for 2–3 minutes. After that, the egg quickly sinks into cold water. Cooking time may vary depending on the size and freshness of the egg. It is better to cook less time, as in the original recipe it falls into boiling water for only 1 minute.
    The cooled egg, which should turn out to be boiled soft-boiled, is broken and laid out in a bowl. Mustard and lemon juice are added to it. The resulting mass is whipped immersion blender. A mixture of oils is gradually poured into this mass with constant mixing with a blender.As a result, the resulting sauce should thicken.
    Anchovy fillets or sprats are washed and dried with paper towels. Then chop the fillet with a knife and add to the sauce. With a dip blender, the resulting sauce is whipped until smooth, added Worcester sauce or balsamic vinegar in its pure form, or vinegar combined with Thai fish sauce.
    All this should give a light fishy flavor to the cooked Caesar sauce. The sauce is thoroughly mixed and salted if necessary. Salt must be added at the very end, since anchovy fillets or sprat may have different salinity, and there is a danger of over-salting the dish.

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