• How to cook delicious tapas?

    Tapas is called a variety of snacks made from anything: meat, cheese, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, etc. Combining one or other products, it is possible to form cold and hot, sharp and tender, light and rich mini-delicacies.

    A bit of history

    Tapas roots come from Spain. Here, such yummy is not only food, but also life style. Even the verb in Spanish “tapear” says about walking around taverns, cafes and bars, to see relatives, friends, acquaintances, chat with them, drink a glass of good alcoholic drink and have a bite of favorite tapas.

    This tradition has existed for a very long time (approximately 1240-1285gg) since the time of King Leon Alfonso X the Wise, ruling in Castile. It was he who obliged the innkeepers to present to the messengers, sailors and soldiers any intoxicating drink (usually wine or beer) along with a small free snack. And put it directly on the container with alcohol.

    Thus, visitors are less drunk, which means they did not lose their decent look, did not get into a quarrel and a fight.The result of such a law has become the tradition for each alcohol to serve a mini-snack with the Spanish name tapas.

    Basic rules for creating

    When creating Spanish snacks you need to remember that they should be:

    • small size;
    • compatible with hot drink.

    What species?

    Without exception, tapas are delicious, the main thing is to find your favorite (desired) ingredients. How to do it? It cannot be said that there are strictly written recipes, deviations from which are not allowed, but the conditional classification does exist.

    So, let us dwell on the frequently encountered varieties:

    • Pinchos (Pinchos) - this is food, chopped with toothpicks or small chopsticks, resembling miniature kebabs.
    • Montaditos - small sandwiches with different ingredients, for example, with sausage, chicken, cheese, etc.
    • Olives (Aceitunas) - in any bar in Spain, they are most often served free of charge as an attachment to the ordered alcoholic drink.
    • Padron pepper (Pimientos de Padron) is a miniature pepper of green color that is fried and served in combination with grains of rock salt.
    • Tortilla (Tortilla) - egg scrambled eggs with vegetables, and in particular with potatoes.Served both cold and warm, but prepared in advance.
    • Patatas bravas (patatas bravas) - fried potatoes with aioli. Often served with fried potatoes sauce or ketchup.
    • Bread slices with tomatoes (Pan con tomate) - wheat bread, cut into small slices, toasted in a toaster and smeared with grated tomato mass. In simple words, toast with tomatoes. Some add anchovies.
    • Croquetas (Croquetas) - fried in deep fat and served with whatever you want: with spinach, shrimp, etc.
    • Salad (Ensaladilla rusa) - a mixture of ingredients: boiled potatoes and chicken eggs, carrots, peas, olives, tuna in oil, etc. All dressed with mayonnaise.
    • Chorizo ​​(Chorizo) - a small sausage, which is served as a whole or cut into small pieces. Some are fried in butter and served with bread. Variations are many.
    • Hamon Serrano (Jamon serrano) - jerked ham from Spain, cut into thin slices.
    • Gambas al ajillo - shrimps with garlic.
    • Рulpo a la gallega - Galician octopus
    • Boquerones fritos - toasted anchovies.

    And this is not the whole list of tapas, which can surprise guests. Try, cook and enjoy it.

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