• How to cook pike in the oven?

    Pike is a very tasty and healthy fish. She is a rare guest on the table for ordinary people, because very few people know how to cook a pike in the oven so that it turns out to be tender, juicy and nutritious. Pike is a river fish and has many bones. Therefore, regardless of the recipe according to which you are going to cook pike, this fish should be thoroughly cleaned of scales, cut fins, etc. A good pike baked in the oven will not be tough, will not fall apart and will not look very bony to you.

    Pike Cooking Recipes

    The first recipe you can use to bake pike is stewed pike with roots. This recipe came to us from ancient Russia when the pike was baked in the oven, preparing dishes in advance and pulling it with dough to seal the fish. So, in order to simmer the pike in the oven, you will need flour and water for dough, 400g of oil, parsley and celery roots, carrots, bay leaf, black pepper peas and pike itself - a whole carcass of about 600-1000g in weight.

    First of all, you need to carefully clean the pike, gut it and cut it into large pieces. Then take a pan adapted for the oven, oil it in the bottom and place the finely chopped roots. Top you need to put pieces of fish, sprinkle with seasonings and put pieces of butter. Then you need to cook the dough. To do this, pour the flour into a bowl and gradually add water there to make a viscous dough. Then cover the pan with a lid and coat it with flour to seal. In the preheated oven, you must put the clogged pan for half an hour. Such a recipe can be slightly modified and cooked stewed pike in portion pots, but in this case, the dough should be made steeper for a kind of cover. Instead of dough, you can, of course, use food foil, but with natural dough, pike turns out to be much tastier.

    Stuffed pike in the oven

    Another recipe is stuffed pike in the oven. To stuff a pike, you must first clean the pike thoroughly first, pull out all the insides and thoroughly wash the carcass under water. Then you can begin to prepare the filling.You can stuff pike with almost any kind of food, but in order for the fish to turn out tender, it is advisable to stuff it with mushrooms or vegetables. The idea is to mince under the influence of high temperature, let the juice, which will not allow the fish to shrink inside. So, you cook minced meat. If you are going to stuff the fish with mushrooms, then it is advisable to slightly fry them with onions in butter. Then the filling will be very juicy. If these are vegetables, then you should not fry them - just chop them finely and put them into fish, adding some fat, such as butter. In addition, it is advisable to sprinkle the pike with spices, which will give a rather bland taste of this river fish a brighter taste. Then pike need to sew and put in the oven.

    Consider another pike recipe in the oven. In this case, the pike is also stuffed, but not by vegetables or mushrooms, but by itself. To do this, you need to remove the skin from the pike and grind it with a blender in a mush like a paste, adding onions and spices. Then this gruel must be stuffed with fish, and sprinkle the carcass on top with spices, lightly grease and put in a preheated oven.And after the fish bakes, you can pour it with lemon juice and decorate with vegetables.

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