• How to cook the plaster?

    Lilya Mayak
    Lilya Mayak
    August 31, 2014
    How to cook the plaster?

    Plaster is by far the most common finishing material. Before you prepare the plaster, you need to know that it consists of three main components: a binder, a filler and water. Various materials can act as binders and fillers, as long as the consistency of the mixture is reminiscent of dough.

    How to make cement plaster

    You should know that for the preparation of plaster, first of all, you must choose a binder. This is cement, lime, clay or gypsum. Cement is usually used for stone or concrete facades.

    To prepare the cement plaster, you need cement (1 part), sand (2-3 parts) and water in the quantity necessary to obtain the consistency of the dough. Cement and sand are poured into the box in layers, then the mixture is diluted with water and thoroughly mixed to the desired thickness.

    How to prepare a solution for plaster with lime

    To make lime plaster, you need to mix 1 part of the lime dough with sand (from 1 to 5 parts, depending on the fat content of the dough) and water. Stir the mixture and add water until the desired consistency is obtained.

    The limy dough is made from one part of quicklime and three parts of warm water. After mixing the lime with water, a chemical reaction begins. Then you need to add water and re-stir. Cover the mixture and leave for one day.

    This type of plaster is used mainly for facades of concrete or stone. It should be noted that they should not be affected by precipitation.

    How to prepare a mixture for clay plaster

    The mixture of clay is prepared with the addition of lime. It consists of one part of clay dough and 0.4 parts of dough from lime, as well as water, which they are diluted, and sand (3-6 parts). After mixing the clay mixture with lime, sand is gradually added to obtain the required thickness of the mixture.

    Such a solution is usually used for plaster and wooden facades.

    How to make plaster plaster

    Gypsum in the form of a binder is most often used for finishing wooden facades. Lime is also used to make plaster from this material.

    3-4 parts of a lime mortar (the method of preparation is described above) and one part of the gypsum is mixed with water until the desired consistency is formed. This mixture can be used immediately after preparation.

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