• How to cook a stew?

    The stew is one of the best meat products in the case when cooking fresh meat is not available due to limited space in the fridge, lack of time or for some other reason. The advantage of the stew is that it can be stored for many years, while maintaining its nutritional value. Experienced housewives know that the stew can be made from fresh beef, pork, rabbit, poultry and lamb. For those who first thought about how to cook stew, we will offer some useful recipes and tips.

    Technology of cooking stew

    If you decide to make beef stew, then you need to know that this dish will suit both whole fresh meat (fillet) and already cut meat - goulash or aza. Although veal is considered a dietary product, in this case it loses to beef in taste and quantity of proteins. It is highly undesirable to buy frozen meat. To keep your stew long enough, fill the meat from above with fat.By itself, beef meat usually does not contain enough fat, so often when cooking beef stews use fats of other origin - for example, it can be lard. It should also be noted that the beef in the cooking process is boiled somewhere around 40%. If you want to make a delicious pork stew, then cut the fat from the purchased meat. At the end of cooking, melt it and pour the stew.

    Remember that the container must be sterile - it must be boiled or washed with boiling water, and then dried. For long-term storage, glass jars are best for you. As for the covers, you can use both plastic and tin. There is another little secret that the lids do not rust, it is desirable to grease them on top. It is best to store the stew in a cool cellar or another dark, inaccessible place. It is very convenient that during normal cooking, the stew can be stored for about 5-6 years.

    Beef stew

    So, let's see how to make beef stew. In order to cook this dish, you need to take the meat without lived, vein and bones.

    • Cut it into pieces of medium size, put in a saucepan, cover with water so that it is 1-2 cm higher than the meat level.
    • Put the pot on the fire, remove the foam, add 10 black peppercorns, two onions, cut in half, as well as parsley and one carrot. Cook over low heat.
    • After two hours, salt a little salt, pull onions. After 1-2 hours, when the beef will be fully prepared (try whether it is pierced freely with a fork), salt it to taste, put 2 bay leaves and boil for another 20 minutes, then pull out the bay leaf.
    • Without turning off the fire, take out the meat and put in a pre-sterilized glass jars (half-liter or liter). Pour broth to the brim, then roll up the cans, turn them over and leave them to cool.

    Well, now you know how to make homemade beef stew. Consider recipes from other meats.

    Pork Stew

    • Take pure boneless meat. Fry it in homemade butter (until the water disappears), and then salt it.
    • Put the pieces of meat in the jar. Put it in a pot of water, after boiling, boil for about 1.5 hours.
    • Add spices: 6-7 pieces of black peppercorns, 1 bay leaf and others to taste.
    • Put the meat in pre-sterilized jars, remember that the lids should also be treated with boiling water.
    • Close the jars and put the lid down to complete cooling.

    Chicken Stew

    Let's see how to make a stew of this tasty and affordable meat. If you get a few bones, do not worry, they will boil, and you will not feel them. Consider step by step instructions.

    • Gut, singe and wash the chicken, remove all skin.
    • Cut the meat into large chunks, salt it and place in sterile jars.
    • Add chicken fat, dry spicy savory greens or marjoram, a quarter spoon of turmeric and 10 peas of hot black pepper.
    • Place the jars on a baking sheet and cover with lids. Place a baking tray with jars in a preheated oven and let it stand for at least two hours.
    • Remove from boiling water and roll up sterile caps.

    In the same way, you can cook a stew of turkey, goose and duck.

    Rabbit stew

    Consider how to make a stew of this delicious meat.

    • First, you should prepare an enamelled tank with a capacity of about 25 liters. Put a wooden circle on its bottom.Prepare seven cans (one-liter) and the same metal lids. Sterilize them in advance for 10-15 minutes over a boiling kettle.
    • Using a sharp knife, remove the meat from 4 rabbit carcasses. Separate the internal fat and fold it into separate dishes. If the carcasses are not fatty enough, then prepare in advance a little pork meat or lard, cutting it into small pieces.
    • At the bottom of each jar place 2 laurel leaves and fat in a layer of 2-2.5 cm.
    • Start laying in jars of rabbit meat. Initially put in them 3 sweet peppers allspice (peas), 2-3 pieces of cloves and other spices to taste. Do not forget to add a teaspoon of salt to each jar.
    • Cover the rabbit meat on top and also cover it with a fat, 2-3 cm thick. Fill the jars to the brim and cover with lids, then put them in the tank.
    • Fill the tank with warm water, put on low heat. To keep the lids tight on the cans and not to lift, place a wooden circle on top of them so that it completely covers the cans.
    • From time to time, adjust the fire, and straighten the jars with a knife blade so that they do not in any way touch the walls of the tank.
    • Roll banks in 5-5.5 hours after the start of boiling water.Dip them upside down and let cool.

    Now you know how to cook stew. It is very important to process the dishes in a quality manner, otherwise the banks may explode and ruin your mood. Remember that the stew will never be superfluous, it can come in handy when food drastically runs out in the fridge. Boil her delicious side dish, you feed the whole family. Following our instructions, you can quickly and efficiently cook this hearty dish. The main thing is to determine the choice of meat. If you want a more delicate taste - try rabbit, and if you prefer the standard version - beef, and if you like fatter - certainly pork. Whatever choice you make, be sure it will turn out tasty and satisfying.

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