• How to cool the room

    Hang light linen curtains on the windows and hold them tightly in the heat of the heat. White color, as is known, reflects the sun's rays, and flax tends to cool hot air. Light rolled curtains, blinds just great keep cool atmosphere to the room.
    Cover the window glass with a tinted or reflective film, using ordinary tape to secure them. This technique will also save the living room and its inhabitants from the heat.
    Paint the walls blue or apply wallpaper of the same color. Cool colors visually "reduce" the temperature in the room by 2-3 degrees.
    Ventilate the room daily in the morning and evening. This will reduce the temperature of the walls heated in a day.
    Remove, hand in cleaning, and then determine the storage of carpets. Pile of carpets does not contribute to the cooling of the room.
    Land (in the case of a cottage or a country house) trees around the house.The shadow they give will reliably protect you and your household from the summer heat.
    Homemade air conditioning
    Freeze in the freezer a few pint and a half bottles of water. Put the bottles in front of the fan and turn it on (do not forget that condensation forms on the bottles, which means you need to put them on a tray or paper towels). Close and shut the windows. In a few hours your house will be cool and fresh.
    Helpful advice
    In the heat it is very difficult to sleep. To make the room cooler, wet the sheet and hang it, say, at the door. Drying the bed sheet will reduce the temperature in the room. As an option: dial a full bath of cold water and flip open the door to the bathroom. After a while, the room will become cooler.
    Use natural or artificial silk bedding. These materials are famous for their cooling effect.
    If the heat you can not sleep, half an hour before bedtime, put a blanket in the fridge. Under a cool blanket, sleep will come instantly.

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