• How to create a bootable Windows disk?

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    How to create a bootable Windows disk?

    Despite the fact that every year the operating systems are upgraded and become more fault-tolerant and efficient, failures continue to occur, and the malware is not asleep. That is why you always need a backup Windows boot disk at hand, thanks to which you can resume working on your computer or laptop in a couple of hours. This instruction will help you figure out how to create a boot disk for Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8 and other software versions.

    Features of creating a Windows image

    It is not possible to record a Windows boot disk in the usual way, since then it will simply be in the presence of a set of useless files. You should know that you need to copy to disk an image of the operating system, which you can either create or create yourself through such programs. like Ultra ISO or Daemon Tools Lite. True Ultra ISO platform is available only in the paid version, the demo gives you the opportunity to copy images that do not exceed 300 MB, but this is simply not enough to play Windows.Therefore, consider the use of Daemon Tools Lite.

    1. Find and download this program.
    2. We perform installation with a series of standard steps. In the place where you need a license agreement, choose free.
    3. Next, we proceed to the creation of an operating system image, for this we insert a Windows recording disc into the drive and open Daemon Tools Lite.
    4. In the window below, click on the icon "Create a disk image."
    5. In the new settings interface, you need to specify the drive with the disk and the place where the image will be written. Do not forget to assign the .mds or .iso extension to the image file.
    6. We start the process using the "Start" button.

    Burn Windows Boot Disk with Daemon Tools Lite

    Suppose the operating system image is available, now it should be written to the boot disk.

    1. Insert a blank disc into the drive. If information is stored on the device, it must be erased beforehand.
    2. We are looking for the icon of the program Daemon Tools Lite in the tray and using the right mouse button, select the menu item "Burn image to disk." In this case, the program will require additional installation of the Astroburn lite application. We carry out installation.
    3. In the new interface we find the tab "Image" and specify the path to the image of the operating system.On the left, in the program window, the amount of free space on the selected disk will be shown along with the required volume for recording the image.
    4. Next, set the copying speed (usually 4x), as well as the option "Check", which will make sure the quality of the record.
    5. Click "Start recording".

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