• How to create a brand?

    Carlo Pazzolini is a shoe brand for wealthy people. Nokia is a brand for a successful businessman. Juice "My Family" is a brand for the whole family, from young to old. All similar, completely dissimilar objects have one very important similarity: they are popular brands, which means they are in demand and are of interest to consumers. Naturally, wide popularity and publicity makes the product the most desirable and preferred for the buyer. If the average consumer is given the choice between the same “My Family” juice and a little-known juice of the same value, the consumer will, of course, choose the “My Family” juice.

    How to create your brand

    To create your brand, you need to familiarize yourself with your future competitors, their features, their advertising and their purchase. The most consumed brand will be your competitor. Your goal is to present your product as similar, but with a number of advantages. For example, you run a line of face creams. Your cream should moisturize your skin as well as a competitor's cream.And beyond that, he must also, for example, contain high-molecular vitaminized amino acids and an extract of an exotic medicinal plant. With unique advertising, these unique, useful components will give you a competitive advantage.

    How to create a brand that attracts attention? Pretty simple. It is necessary that your brand carries only a positive message to the consumer, it is not in doubt. For example, the aforementioned Carlo Pazzolini shoes are an indicator of good taste, impeccable Italian quality of materials, wearing comfort, sophistication of styles and models, etc. For consumers of “My Family” juice, a positive message is the quality and naturalness of the juice, its excellent taste and the content of vitamins.

    A brand is created from parts. Every little thing can be both winning and fatal. You can not focus only on one of the advantages of the goods. This way you can not attract a large audience of consumers. It is necessary to indicate all possible advantages of your brand, which will be able to interest the most demanding customer. It should advance the brand, before its appearance on the market, to cause interest among the buyer.Before the consumer goes to the store and buys the cream, he should know that there is a special cream, with unique properties, that it differs from others in that it not only moisturizes the skin, but also restores the collagen fibers of the skin, keeping it young and beautiful. with the help of a special innovative complex of substances which is not in other similar creams.

    In order to attract a buyer and not to scare him away from the excessive imposition of their goods and services, you need to take care of a competent promotion. It is necessary to cause the buyer only positive emotions! For example, to carry out a promotion with the distribution of small samples of your cream or the issuance of small pleasant prizes when buying it. Then you can begin to advertise your wonderful cream in ladies' magazines, on thematic sites and television. Now you know how to create a brand. It is difficult, but with the right approach, everything is possible.

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