• How to create a cheat?

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    How to create a cheat?

    In order to simplify their game, gamers are looking for workarounds. Passing one level over several days without visible results is very annoying. It is such thoughts that push the gamer to cheat a bit. Here come to the aid of cheats. Of course, for every game on the Internet you can find a huge number of special moves that will give additional opportunities: money, weapons, immortality. But sometimes the gamer wants to achieve a different result and decides to create his own cheat on the game, which will give him the skills necessary for the passing game.

    What you need to know

    1. Programming language. You can study it with the help of training videos or sign up for the relevant courses.
    2. Be careful. It is important to know that when it comes to the game using cheats online, you should always be on your guard, because the moderators constantly monitor the players who cheat and immediately block the offenders.
    3. It is necessary to know well the system of the personal computer.
    4. To be able to change the memory area of ​​your personal computer is another necessary skill.The first time it will be hard to do it, but over time this process will seem to the gamer as a mere trifle.

    How to change the memory area

    Windows is designed in such a way that every process in it is protected, therefore there are difficulties with making changes to the system, especially illegal ones. Some gamers use the WinAPI function when creating cheats, but this is wrong. The system immediately notices the “intrusion” and the antivirus raises the alarm. Then all the work will be done in vain: a shame, but nothing can be done. In order for this to happen, you need to go another way. There is a little secret that helps to deceive antivirus and get past it.

    Anti-Virus does not pay attention to the search for libraries, and therefore it is necessary to work with them. Antivirus bypass, it turns out, is possible. This will not cause damage to your computer, and the game administrators will also not notice that you are trying to bypass the system they have created.


    Before you begin, you need to observe from which library the functions are least imported. Most often, this is Dinput8.dll. Now it is very important to create your own DLL correctly. In addition to the basic functions, it will have to export the necessary one - DirectInput8Create ().When we call this function, the cheat will work without disrupting the whole process of the game.

    Any programming language can help a gamer to create a DLL. Consider the example of PureBasic. This is one of the simplest programs that even a beginner can master.

    1. When the DLL is loaded, the system itself calls AttachProcess. Then our system library is loaded there. When the download is complete, the gamer will receive a pointer containing information about the path to DirectInput8Create.
    2. For security reasons, it is advisable to work with the memory that comes from the main flow of the required game. To do this, you need to hang a timer on it.
    3. The timer will automatically call WIntaimer after a certain amount of time. It is there that you can change the necessary variables.
    4. Before you begin to change something, it is imperative to make sure that the process sees this address or not. Otherwise, the whole system will not work correctly.

    If a gamer wants to create his cheat, then a few video lessons and this instruction will help him achieve his goal. Of course, using cheats is not fair to other players, which is why moderators monitor cheating.

    With the help of cheats you can save a tidy sum by pumping game characters and equipment.Paid services have become very popular in online games such as, for example, World of Tanks, where you can purchase a premium account, game gold and much more for real money.

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