• How to create a clan: tanks online?

    Athanasius Ratnikov
    Athanasius Ratnikov
    March 5, 2013
    How to create a clan: tanks online?

    Great attention is paid by Internet users to the game Tanks online. How to create a clan is one of the many questions that players who want to go as far as possible in the game seek an answer. Before deciding the issue of creating a clan, it is necessary to study the rules, the non-observance of which either will not allow creating a clan at all, or will result in your clan being blocked.

    Rules that allow Tanks online to join the clan:

    • To join the clan, you must be the head of the clan.
    • When joining the clan number must be at least 10 people, and, cartoons are not counted in this number. Therefore, it is advisable to gather 10 people who want to join your community in the online Tanks game.
    • The clan is created only by the player, being in the rank of major or in the rank, higher than this rank, but in no case less than.
    • All members of the clan must have a rank not lower than PP-1.
    • When creating a clan theme, the chapter lists all the nicknames of their clan members.
    • After creating a theme with your clan, at least 9 players must confirm their intention to be in your clan. Please note that confirmation must take place within a day after the creation of the clan, but not later than this time.
    • Creating a clan theme, it must be properly formatted. If the design is incorrect, the moderators of the online forum “Clans” of the Tanki game will not be allowed to make a clan by deleting the topic. Sample theme design: Clan "Bullies."

    After studying all these rules, go to the section of the forum "Clans" and create a new topic. This will be the creation of a new clan.

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