• How to create a server in rust?

    Galina Devyatkina
    Galina Devyatkina
    October 15, 2014
    How to create a server in rust?

    Probably, everyone who played on a sufficient number of various Rust servers, at least once, but had an overwhelming desire to become the creator of their own game server. After becoming an administrator, you can not only invite those players who you prefer, but also deny access to all others. But as practice shows, there are not so many skilled craftsmen who know how to create their own Rust server.

    First method

    1. Download the application SteamCMD on your PC.
    2. Unpack it on a local disk.
    3. Run the installer.
    4. We are waiting for its completion.
    5. We launch the installed application and enter our personal data required to log into the Steam account.
    6. We enter into your account and execute the following commands in it:
      • app_update 258550
      • app_update 258550 validate
    7. After that we wait until the completion of the launched program update to the current version.
    8. Next, start the server with the command rust_server. exe-batchmode.
    9. We use the advanced features of the administrator of your personal server.

    Second method

    1. Create a folder on your PC to host the server.
    2. We give it the name rust server.
    3. We are looking for server archive files. To do this, go to the forums of fans of the game or download from players with considerable experience.
    4. Unpack the contents of the archive into the previously created server folder.
    5. After that we find the server file. cfg and open it with any text editor.
    6. Important! It is in this file that you can change the server configuration.
    7. Create a shortcut for Server.exe and click on it with the right mouse button.
    8. Select "Properties" - "object", and at the very end of the text add the line "-batchmode".
    9. Remember that the following values ​​are used to change the settings: “-port 28015” (the port that joins), “-maxplayers 460” (the largest possible number of users) and “-map map name” (the map you want to add).
    10. Next, we transfer ports 28015, which is responsible for communication, and 28016 - for creating requests. To do this, go to
    11. If you have problems with the transfer, we specify the instructions on the transfer of ports for your model of a router or router. There should be no problems with this.

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