• How to create an article?

    October 1, 2014
    How to create an article?

    Wikipedia is a free e-encyclopedia, an extensive source of knowledge. Previously, in case of difficulties, people used large paper encyclopedias, but today we have Wikipedia. Every day new articles are posted there, and old ones are edited, so the information always remains relevant. Everyone, including you, can create your own article in this encyclopedia and share new information. Therefore, today we will consider the question of how to create an article in Wikipedia. We offer you detailed instructions.

    How to create a page in Wikipedia: instructions

    Before you begin creating an article, think about the fact that this article will be able to edit by anyone and in any way up to complete removal. It is necessary to write an article only if the information in it is really new and will be of interest to the public, and not just to you. For example, do not write about your dog or amateur school circle. Wikipedia has a very good resource - Article Wizard, with which you can easily start creating a page. You will find it by.

    So, if you decided to create an article in Wikipedia, then proceed according to the following algorithm:

    1. If you have not registered in the free encyclopedia, then do it.
    2. Find out if the portal has a similar article. To do this, use the search. If the topic you have chosen already exists, but you think that it is not sufficiently illuminated or inaccurate, then you can edit or modify it by clicking on the "Edit" tab.
    3. Sources. All articles in Wikipedia are based on reliable and proven sources, so before writing your article, make a list of sources from which you will draw information. These can be links to sites or the output of articles, books, magazines.
    4. When all this is done, proceed directly to writing the article, using the link "Create an article."
    5. Come up with a title for your article. The title should reflect the content of the article. The title should be in the nominative case in the singular, for example: "Anatomy and physiology of mammals" or "Lev Nikolaevich Gumilyov".
    6. Write the article itself. Remember, you must present the information in an unbiased and complete manner, without expressing your personal negative or positive attitude to the question. Do not copy text fragments from third-party resources to the Wikipedia page.If a citation is necessary, be sure to indicate the source.
    7. To properly arrange an article, you can use the templates that are offered on the resource.
    8. Check spelling, punctuation, correct links and images. After that click: "Save page".

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