• How to create code?

    Andrey Kim
    Andrey Kim
    October 8, 2014
    How to create code?

    QR code is a special matrix code that can be considered a camera of a smartphone and, in case of access to the network, immediately follow the link to which it leads. Taking into account the growing popularity of “smart” devices, QR codes have also become very popular - they can be seen on all sorts of advertising and informational banners. It turns out that creating a QR code is very simple. How to create qr code by yourself? It's pretty simple!

    How to create a QR code

    The most popular platform allowing to generate a QR code -. So proceed:

    1. Choose the type of information we want to encode. Only four options - "any text", "link to the site", "business card", "sms-message".
    2. Suppose we chose "any text", enter it in the appropriate field "Enter the text to be encoded," indicate the size of the code, and click the "Create code" button.
    3. The generated unique code will appear in the window on the right of "Your QR-code", and just below - a link where you can always find it and which you can share with someone.

    If you want to create a QR link to the site, switch to the appropriate tab and in the "Enter url" field,specify the link.

    If you want to make a QR-business card, you will need to fill in the fields "Name", "Address", "Phone", etc. However, not all fields are required, fill in the values ​​only in those fields whose type of information you would like to see on the business card.

    To send a QR-message, you will need to enter its text and phone number.

    Check QR Code

    1. Download the application on your device to recognize QR codes.
    2. Launch the application, hover the camera lens on the image, wait a couple of seconds.
    3. Done! If the QR code is working, you will read the encoded information.

    How to create a barcode

    Using the online service, you can generate a barcode. For example, the portal allows you to create barcodes of the most popular formats - codabar, ean8, ean13, etc. - literally two clicks. In the field "Barcode Generator Online" enter the information you want to encode and send the request. In the windows that appear below you can see how the barcode looks in various formats. To save it to your computer, you need to click on the image and click the "Save image as ..." button. That's all!

    Code generation is not only useful, but also fascinating.With the help of a QR code, you can not only create a link to important information in an advertising banner, but also make fun of your friends or confess your love in an original way.

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