• How to create Doodle God?

    Anna Yaroshenko
    Anna Yaroshenko
    October 13, 2014
    How to create Doodle God?

    Doodle God is a logic game created by Russian developers (Credits) for devices based on the Android operating system. The game has already gained popularity among users. From a huge number of elements you can create various combinations of Doodle God. Let's talk about this in more detail.

    How to create an artifact in Doodle God

    All in the game Doodle God has four main artifacts. It is water, earth, air and fire. These items are provided in the game by default. From them you can create a huge number of things, combining them with each other. Consider the combination of these elements.

    Water Element Combinations:

    • mixing water with alcohol, you get a new element - vodka;
    • fire with water - alcohol;
    • the land with water is a swamp;
    • metal with water is mercury.

    Earth element combinations:

    • combining water with lava, you get a new element - a stone;
    • stone with fire - metal;
    • grass with a pet - fertilizer;
    • air with stone - sand;
    • sand with a swamp - clay;
    • fire with sand - glass;
    • stone shells - limestone;
    • metal with a philosopher's stone - gold;
    • radiation with metal - plutonium.

    Air element combinations:

    • by mixing air with the earth, you get dust;
    • energy with air - a storm;
    • water with lava - steam;
    • dust with fire - ash;
    • electricity with a vacuum - radio wave;
    • radio wave with radio wave - radiation.

    Fire Element Combinations:

    • earth plus fire is lava;
    • energy plus fire - plasma;
    • marsh plus bacteria - sulfur;
    • wood plus fire - coal;
    • water plus coal - oil;
    • fertilizer plus limestone - saltpeter;
    • plasma plus vacuum - the sun.

    At the first stage of passing the game, you can create the simplest combinations, for example, swamps, dust, steam. On the next - new and more complex. For example, a combination of the creation of electricity, life, plants, plasma.

    Thus, of the four basic elements you have the opportunity to create a large variety of things, living beings, phenomena and objects.

    This exciting and simple puzzle will attract attention for a long time and will not leave anyone indifferent.

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