• How to create your browser?

    A huge number of users want to create their own browser for free. But not everyone knows how to do this. In the meantime, it can be assembled using the standard CppWebBrowser component. Learn more about this.

    Create a browser

    It's very easy to create a browser in Borland C ++ Builder v.6.0. To do this, you do not need to write your own engine. You can use the ready from internet explorer. Now you need to create a form, and then place the CppWebBrowzer element on it along with the internet tab. This element will be located on the right in the component panel. You just drag it to the workspace.

    Then, in order to be able to enter the address, add the button and the text field - edit. Thus, there should be a large white rectangle, in which the pages of the site will be displayed later, and next to it there will be a line for entering the address and a button for starting the page loading.

    Next you need to click on the button, or in onEnter y edit`a describe the following events: CppWebBrowser1-> Navigate (StringToOleStr (Edit1-> Text)). Now you need to add a few buttons familiar to us,which are located in standard browsers. For example, such buttons can be buttons: forward, backward, stop, or home page. For these buttons, you must use the following codes: CppWebBrowser1-> GoForward (); - for the forward button, CppWebBrowser1-> GoBack (); - for the back button, CppWebBrowser1-> Refresh (); - for the refresh button, CppWebBrowser1-> Stop (); - for the stop button and CppWebBrowser1-> GoHome (); - for the homepage button.

    After installing the buttons, you need to replace the edit component with a ComboBox. It will be recorded in it the addresses of pages that were recently opened. Now you know the basis for solving the problem, how to create your browser.

    Make tabs

    For this you need Pagecontrol. It should be placed on the form, and then click on it with the right mouse button. After that, a menu opens where you need to click on the inscription New Page. When pressed again, you will be able to get the second tab. In order to open the browser in each tab, the following Form1 component should be added to the OnKeyDown handler: TCppWebBrowser * newbrowser.

    We expand the browser

    In order for the workspace of your browser to expand to cover the entire space, you need to add a component such as Form1 in the following onCreate event: PageControl1-> Align = alClient. And to make the buttons visible, you should place the CoolBar component on the tab. And then drag all the buttons onto it.Then you need to streamline everything. In order to make changes in the address bar during the transition from one page to another, you should add the following CppWebBrowser component to the onBeforeNavigate2 line: ComboBox1-> Text = CppWebBrowser1-> LocationURL.

    Create a single panel

    So, you have learned almost the entire process how to create a new browser. Now it remains to create a single panel. All buttons will be located on it. In addition, it is this panel that will control the active page. At the end of the browser creation process, you must make the buttons transparent. To do this, upload pictures and add codes with which you can set transparency.

    Now your new browser is ready. You can already start it and start working. You can also create a chromium based browser. Absolutely any user can get the source code and create their own browser based on these open source developments. You can learn about the unique features of browsers using the Chrome kernel from the article located at the following address: "".

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