• How to cure a cold in a day?

    None of us likes to hurt. An adult who lives in the modern world with his tempo and a furious rhythm simply has no time to get sick. And yet, if the disease is taken by surprise, there are several ways to cure a cold in a day.

    Immunity support

    At the first sign of illness, you need to help your immune system begin to actively fight the common cold. To do this, you need to take a sufficient dose of vitamin C. This can be done by drinking vitamin C tablets or restrict yourself to natural lemons. It is advisable to use sour fruit with herbal tea and honey.

    Food for cold

    It is important not only to help the immune system to put all means to fight the disease, but also to assist the whole body. To do this, you need to revise the usual diet. Heavy meals should be replaced with light ones - switch to meals with soups and vegetable salads. Do not forget about the antimicrobial effect of onions and garlic, the intake of these products will speed recovery.


    With any disease, the body is intoxicated. The withdrawal of toxins should be given no less attention than light and fractional nutrition. The use of large amounts of fluid during the period of illness, as well as all kinds of infusions will help rid the body of toxins and quickly return to normal. Regular water, tea with lemon and honey can be replaced by different fruit drinks and compotes, for example:

    • Fruit juice from raspberry, wild rose, cranberry;
    • Milk with honey and a spoon of butter;
    • Dried fruits compote;
    • Lemon decoction with currants or blackberries.

    After taking a warm drink, it is recommended to go to bed and wrap yourself up to sweat. The greatest effect of such a procedure will bring at night - before bed you need to drink a warm drink - tea, juice, hot milk, put on pajamas, socks and take cover with a warm blanket. In the morning, go to the shower - the disease was gone.

    Sore throat

    One of the symptoms of a developing cold is sore throat. Rinsing and compresses are an excellent and effective treatment for colds. You can gargle with various infusions and decoctions, for example:

    • To a glass of water 1 tsp of soda + a few drops of iodine;
    • A glass of water + 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar;
    • A glass of fresh beet juice + 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar;
    • Camomile tea.

    It is necessary to gargle as often as possible, preferably every 2 hours. Also at night you can make a compress from vodka or cabbage leaves with honey.

    Runny nose

    To quickly cure a cold, you can inhale with tea tree oil, sage and eucalyptus. Also effective are cold and hot inhalations with onions and attachment of a bag of hot salt to the sinuses.


    Many are wondering what medicines to take for colds, because there are a huge number of all kinds of drugs. Preference should be given to such drugs, which do not have serious side effects. For example, for those who drive, it is important that medications do not cause drowsiness, delayed reaction, or deterioration of vision. It should be remembered that the administration of strong-acting medications and antibiotics should be carried out only under the supervision of a physician.

    With proper nutrition, immunity and simple procedures, it is possible to cure a cold in 1 day without going to the doctor, at home, quickly and easily.

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