• How to cure a uterus?

    The uterus is subject to inflammation and various diseases, including erosion, myoma and polyps. It is important to begin her treatment immediately after the diagnosis. Then it will provide a quick recovery.

    Talk about how to cure the uterus in various diseases.

    Uterus Erosion Treatment

    In the treatment of erosion of the uterus often used medication. Doctors usually prescribe chemical coagulants, for example, Vagotil or Solkovagin. They are presented in the form of applications. After taking them, medications that restore the vaginal mucosa are prescribed: Solcoseryl or Methyluracil ointment.

    If the drug treatment does not give the desired results, then further treatment is carried out using one of the phthisiosurgery techniques:

    • Cryodestruction During this procedure, the cervix is ​​treated with liquid nitrogen. With it, there is a "freezing" of erosion to healthy tissue. This method is painless, but the most important thing is that there are no scars after it;
    • Diathermoelectrocoagulation. A radical method of treating uterus erosion.It is used in severe forms of the disease. After it, scars remain, but the plus is that even with deep erosion, the genital organ can be preserved;
    • Laser surgery. During it, excision of tissues that have undergone erosion occurs. Postoperative wounds are tightened very quickly, and there is no scarring.

    Treatment of polyps in the uterus

    Polyps in the uterus - a common disease that was previously diagnosed in women of mature age, and now it often occurs in girls due to poor ecology and poor diet. It is possible to treat polyps in the uterus with medicines, but if the cause of their occurrence was a violation of the menstrual cycle. In this case, hormone therapy is prescribed, which involves taking oral contraceptives.

    If polyps are due to other causes, then surgical treatment is necessary. Doctors prescribe one of these procedures:

    • Polypectomy. During it, the polyp is twisted and its leg is cauterized by electric current. If after this procedure, the neoplasm reappears, then curettage is prescribed. During it, the polyps are scraped from the uterus.They are subsequently sent for analysis, which allows oncology to be detected in time;
    • Laser therapy. This procedure involves the removal of polyps with a laser beam. This therapy is painless, and the tissues after it heal much faster. After its implementation the chances of the appearance of scars and scars are minimal.

    Treatment of inflammation of the uterus

    Cure inflammation of the uterus can be medicines. They are quite effective and promote rapid recovery. Drug therapy involves the administration of antibiotics and antiviral drugs of the following groups: macrolides, azalides, quinolones. Additionally, vaginal suppositories and creams are used: Pharmatex, Clotrimazole, Diflucan.

    In inflammation, it is very important to regularly treat the vagina and cervix with Dimexide or silver nitrate solution. If inflammation of the uterus is caused by viruses, then vitamins, immunostimulants, and antiviral agents are additionally prescribed.

    Treatment of uterine fibroids

    It is possible to cure uterine myoma without surgery only if it grows slowly and its size is less than 12 weeks.In this case, the therapy involves the following medications:

    • Marvelon;
    • Novinet;
    • Mersilon;
    • Triptorelin;
    • Decapeptil;
    • Decapeptil Depot;
    • Diferelin;
    • Danazol;
    • Nemestran.

    Such drugs contribute to the reduction of nodes, reduce pain and help reduce the symptoms of the disease.

    If drug therapy does not give the desired results, then it can be assigned to FUS ablation. This technique involves the evaporation of nodes by an ultrasonic beam. Among its advantages: the absence of anesthesia, trauma and blood loss. After conducting FUS ablation, the woman has a fertility function. It is effective even in multiple myomas. After it, there are no side effects and relapses.

    If uterine fibroids are of considerable size, then surgical treatment is indispensable. It usually provides for the complete removal of the organ.

    But remember that the treatment of the uterus, regardless of the disease, should be carried out only under the supervision of a physician, who should, based on the results, prescribe an effective course of treatment.

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