• How to cut a cascade?

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    How to cut a cascade?

    Appearance is our key to location and pleasant communication with other people. A neat-looking person is automatically rewarded with those positive qualities that he may not have in real life. That is why you need to know how to care for your appearance. Today, dear reader, we will talk about how to cut the cascade. So:

    Haircut cascade"

    With the help of hairstyles, we create our own style. Someone sees himself in a strict and businesslike image, someone wants to look free and at ease. In any case, you need the help of a hairdresser who has the necessary skills and will give our image a proper look.

    Let's talk about haircut "cascade". For the formation of interest and intrinsic motivation for reading the following material, we offer you this link, which shows how to cut the cascade (video):

    Cascade for short hair

    It is necessary to distinguish the cascade for short and long hair, since the techniques for performing haircuts are different. Let's start with short hair:

    • The first thing to do is to divide the hair into zones using partings and stab them. Start haircut from the top.
    • It is necessary to make a control strand before performing the work. To do this, take a part of hair with a thickness of 1 to 1.5 cm. This segment should be well combed parallel to the head and cut the desired length. It is for this strand you will determine the length of the entire hairstyle.
    • Now you need to comb the hair on the back of the head to the control strand and cut it to the same length.
    • In the same way it is necessary to cut off the side occipital zones.
    • Go to the parietal area. Cut the hair on the crown, moving to the forehead. Separate hair sections with partings. Each new hair grip must be cut to the control length.
    • Now the hair on the temples must be brushed to the front strands and cut them at its level.
    • The hair of the parietal and temporal areas must be leveled. To do this, comb them and put them on your face. Make the edging.

    Long hair cascade

    And here are some more practical advice that will give an idea of what a haircut is �cascade�. How to cut long hair?

    • Moisten your head and start a haircut.Focus on the front line of growth and comb the hair parting. Try to pull strands parallel to the floor.
    • Create a control strand and trim the hair at its level. Thus, it is necessary to move from the face to the back of the head, cutting off the strands of the desired length.
    • Implement the method of "strand on the strand" cutting off the hair of the desired length. Very carefully and carefully move to the back of the head. After the end of the haircut, you must comb the hair in the direction of their growth.
    • Now you need to make the edging and comb your head more than once.

    Haircut "cascade" - is one of the most beautiful haircuts for women. Those women who prefer long hair (up to shoulders and below) with this haircut can achieve naturalness in the image without much effort. Thus, this haircut is unique for its versatility and flexibility. It will suit lovers of fluffy hair and modest hair. In addition, the cascade allows you to create unique and original hairstyles of any complexity.

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