• How to cut eyebrows?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    January 30, 2013
    How to cut eyebrows?

    If you have very long hairs that make up your eyebrows, then the only way to give them a beautiful shape will be their haircut. Moreover, it is easier to do than it seems. In addition, after the procedure, they are easily stacked with gel or wax. Before you cut the eyebrows, you must prepare the workplace. An indispensable condition is the presence of sufficient space and light, since you should see perfectly well what you are doing: the eyebrows grow slowly, and you will not be able to change the resulting result soon. You should also take care in advance about the tools, namely, scissors, mirror and tweezers.

    Trim eyebrows

    Before the eyebrows will be corrected, you should decide on your ideal form. They should not be excessively thin and wide, long and short. Ideally, the eyebrow should begin above the inner corner of the eye and end above the extreme point of the cheekbone. Due to the fact that the human face is asymmetrical, as a result, the shape of the eyebrows will differ, albeit slightly.

    To understand what length of hairs in your eyebrows should be left, you should perform a very simple procedure. It is necessary to comb all the hairs up with a washed brush from any mascara. And those tips that go far beyond the edges of the eyebrow can be easily cut off. To do this, take a sharp scissors. Manicure would be an ideal option, since they will be much easier to manage. Then, with the finger of your left hand, you need to press the hairs and cut off the excess with one motion. The fewer actions you do with scissors, the more even your eyebrow will be.

    Next you should trim eyebrow shape with tweezers. And it will be necessary to pull out only short, lonely growing hairs that spoil the appearance. Everything is ready, you can put eyebrows gel and go to the party. Well, now you know well how to cut your eyebrows properly and you will always look great, which your friends will surely appreciate, and there will be much more fans.

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