• How to dance hip-hop?

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    How to dance hip-hop?

    Let's talk a little about dancing. The modern trend in this art is represented more than widely. Our today's article will tell you how to dance hip-hop. Immediately, we note that this direction, as, in general, all the others is very difficult to master, so it is unlikely that you will be able to dance at once after reading our informative article. So, hip-hop:

    Hip hop dance

    Different experts relate hip-hop dances to different directions. The fact is that the expression "hip-hop dance" is not entirely correct. There is a genre in music called hip-hop. There is also a subculture, which is also called "hip-hop". But there is no hip-hop dance genre. It is more reasonable to call this movement "street dance". Despite this controversy, many people immediately understand what they are talking about when they hear about hip-hop dance. Let's try to sort them out.

    How to learn to dance hip-hop? Any professional dancer will tell you that dance is, above all, a good base and trained trained body. Also, for dancing, not least the development of your coordination.By the way, this is especially true of hip-hop, for many, even the most basic movements in such dances are a combination that would seem incompatible. That is why the very first step towards mastering the basics is working with a professional trainer. It is foolish to hope that with the help of the article you will learn a couple of movements. Unless the author gives you some useful links to good videos. The videos are attached to the article above.

    How to dance hip-hop at home? Equally important in the dance hip-hop is your tribute to the style of clothing, which is implied in this subculture. After you have learned a couple of movements and understood their technical specifics, you can transform your image. To do this, you need to know which clothes fit the hip-hop dance. This is what a real hip-hop dancer wears:

    • Loose sportswear. Wide trousers or jeans hanging slightly from the waist.
    • A baseball cap, as a rule, is one of the most striking elements of hip-hoopera clothes. Bright red color and straight visor - that's what fills your image.
    • There are large sneakers on their feet, which have a convenient design for performing complex dance movements with their feet and legs.
    • Indoors must wear basketball jerseys or wide T-shirts. In the cold season, it is appropriate to wear a wide jacket with a large hood. Instead of a baseball cap, a free hat is worn on the head.
    • Speaking of hairstyle, it should be noted that hip-hop is a style that dictates short hair or short dreadlocks.
    • A necessary attribute is also a variety of heavy jewelry in the form of chains and keyrings made of precious metals.

    How to dance hip-hop? What are the main basic movements of this style? It makes no sense to describe the movements of the dance in words, since this is hardly possible. Best look at the video above. It should be understood, however, that dance is a set of movements, which is called a composition or a bunch. In order for the dance to look great, it is necessary, ideally, to master the main movements of the bunch, and only then pay attention to the whole composition.

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