• How to dance like jackson?

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    How to dance like jackson?

    Michael Jackson is considered the king of the pop scene. He became famous not only for his hits, but also for his ability to move on stage. Who has not seen his impressive moonwalk? He performed it back in 1983. The audience remembered the young Michael in his silver shirt, shiny socks and a hat. On our portal you will find an article about how to make a moonwalk: How to make a moonwalk.

    Dancers from all over the world copy the dance movements of a pop king, and his interest in him has not waned over the years. If you also want to learn how to dance like Jackson, then read our article.

    Do not forget that Michael perfectly performed not only the moon walk, but also other dances. For example, admires Michael's trick: the tilt of the body to the floor at an angle of 45 degrees. They say the musician used a special design of the boot to achieve this effect. To see his talent, just watch his clips, recordings of concerts. Jackson came up with his own incomparable dancing style, where various styles such as funk, pop, jazz and others harmoniously combine.You can read more about how Jackson dances in the article How Michael Jackson Dances.

    Michael fascinates with his plastic. He moves very confidently, plastic, relaxed. To dance like Michael Jackson, you need to keep yourself in good shape.

    How to dance like Michael Jackson: tips

    • Prepare your body. Get rid of excess weight, let your body be fit and slim. Then the movements will be more accurate and expressive.
    • Good stretching is necessary. If you can't reach the floor with your hands, you can hardly move like Jackson. Daily exercise to stretch the spine, legs.
    • Review clips, live recordings of the artist. Now there are a lot of videos where dance is taught like Jackson. For example, you will find a video tutorial on the style of Michael.
    • Choose your favorite dance or element and start practicing it. Do it slowly, do not forget to pre-warm up. It is best to do in front of a large mirror - so you will better see your shortcomings.
    • Stop the video, look again. Try to repeat as accurately as possible. You can also use slow motion video.
    • At first, just repeat the movements themselves in general, then you can add details, fill your dance with energy and feeling.
    • Do not forget the music. Naturally, the songs will sound Jackson. If at the initial stages you perform movements very slowly, then at the end you will need to achieve a good rhythm, which is provided for in a particular song. Music will help you to put the necessary accents in the dance.
    • Do not count on quick results. To learn how to dance like Jackson needs a lot of time. The main thing is not to quit training, and soon you will be able to shine on the dance floor, arresting admiring glances.

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