• How to dance tango?

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    How to dance tango?

    Tango is a dance of passion and love. He fascinates and sinks into the soul, in this dance there are beautiful and sensual movements, so many people want to learn how to dance tango.


    • In tango, the main and leading man, it is he who sets the rhythm and movements of the partner in the dance. The girl just needs to relax and trust the partner.
    • In tango, the most important thing is a straight back, raised chin, eye contact with a partner and the expression of feelings and emotions on the face of the dancers.
    • You must select the appropriate music. Learn how to count time, separating four accounts. Try to walk around the room to the music, changing direction. Try to achieve with the partner one rhythm and speed, to fall into the tempo of the chosen musical composition.
    • You can start the dance like this: stand facing each other, slightly bend the knees, the right hand of the girl is straightened to the side together with the male, the left one lies at the level of his armpit (the arms at the elbow are crossed) A man with his right hand wraps the girl behind his back, just above the waist. Look each other in the eyes, turn heads and start moving.
    • The man starts with his left foot, the woman with the right, you need to do three basic slow steps in a straight line and one small quick to the side. The steps do not directly, but in an arc. Watch where the body weight goes: it should be on the front of the foot. When moving your legs, straighten harder than with normal walking. When the steps start to turn out, you can start making zigzag movements based on these steps.
    • The head of a woman in tango is initially turned to the left, but during the dance the turn of the head can change. The man is looking in the opposite direction or on the partner.
    • A woman in dance should move like a wildcat, beautiful and graceful. A woman can throw one leg on the partner's leg, make turns and lunges to the side.
    • In tango, it is customary to make sharp turns in the body to the beat of the music.
    • The girl can also quickly go in the opposite direction from the partner and come back again.

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