• How to deal with collectors - how to talk to collectors


    Collectors. How to deal with them within the law?

    How to deal with collectors and how to talk with them while not crossing the boundaries of the law?



    Every Russian took a loan at least once in his life. But, unfortunately, unfortunately, not everyone can cover the loans immediately, and as a result, the debt repayment period is delayed, and it is collectors who deal with such loans.


    In Russia, collectors often resort to illegal money-back methods and try to intimidate people, which is why it is important to know your rights and be able to talk to them.


    How to talk to collectors?



    In no case can not talk rudely with them, it will only aggravate your situation, and certainly not worth saying that they do not intend to pay anything. It is necessary to talk with collectors calmly, without being nervous and not going for rudeness.


    Explain the reason for the debt and tell us the approximate date of repayment.When you receive a call, ask the caller’s name and patronymic of the caller, what kind of agency and their address, if this information is hidden from you, you have every right not to continue the conversation.


    It would also be better if you say that your telephone conversation is recorded, and it can be presented in court as a plus in your direction, while it is really better to record your telephone conversation, in such cases they usually begin to have a normal conversation.


    Collectors and the law.



    If the above tips do not help you, resort to the law of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Well, here, for example, in the period from 22:00 to 6:00 you do not have the right to call.


    If you got a call, then you need it, fix it on the recorder, print the calls and go to the prosecutor’s office boldly. Collectors can also go around your friends, neighbors and relatives, telling about your duty and asking them for help to repay them, this is also illegal, also take statements from friends., Relatives and so on.


    And go with the same to the prosecutor. You should not be afraid that the prosecutor's office will not support you, because the prosecutor's office adheres to the Constitution of the Russian Federation and, in the end, no one will kill you for it. And besides, 80% that you will be right, and the court will be decided in your favor.


    Many collection agencies are trying simply not to bring the case to court, since it is not profitable for them. It’s easier for them to get you a loan than to sort out a court while hiring lawyers. In addition, the most that they can do is just fine you for late payment of a debt. And throw interest and it is not according to the law.

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