• How to decorate jeans?

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    How to decorate jeans?

    Jeans - a thing that is absolutely in any wardrobe. To date, the market offers a variety of products in both style and color. But, unfortunately, we do not always find what we want. And sometimes we need to breathe life into an old worn thing. Let's talk about how to decorate jeans with their own hands.


    This method is the easiest, it spends a minimum of time and effort. Such a method will require materials such as applications, patches, rhinestones, rivets, beads, beads, buttons, etc.

    Rhinestone Decoration

    Even the most ordinary jeans with rhinestones will turn into elegant. It is necessary to purchase rhinestones hot fix.

    Lay the jeans on the ironing board. Lay out any pattern from the rhinestones, for example, a flower or a butterfly. By the way, ready-to-use kits are also sold in specialized stores. It is only necessary to remove the protective film, attach the pattern to the jeans and steam it with a hot iron.

    Decoration rivets

    This way of converting your jeans is also very fast.Rivets are inserted into jeans and bent from the wrong side. Place along the seams, on the pockets or belt, or lay out a picture or inscription on the pant leg.


    Patches can be sewn onto jeans for decoration or to mask holes. Any shreds of fabric will do, but patches of leather or suede look impressive. In addition to the traditional square shape, you can cut a patch in the form of a circle, heart or any other shape. The finished patch is sewn to jeans with a sewing machine or glued with special glue.

    Decoration with buttons, beads, sequins

    Jeans on the trouser legs can be sewn in a chaotic manner with buttons of different sizes and colors. These jeans will look very stylish and unusual.

    For decoration with beads or sequins you will need fantasy. You can make various ornaments from glass beads.

    Drawing on jeans

    If you can draw, then decorating in this way will not be difficult. AlsoDecorate jeansyou can resort to stencils. Apply the pattern on jeans with a special paint.


    For this purpose, use any bleach, adding it to the water for washing.If you just spray bleach on the fabric, it will also be very original.


    Abrasions on jeans are made with sandpaper.

    You can also tear jeans in some places, often do it on your knees.

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