• How to decorate the house to be beautiful

    First of all, change the colors. In every home there are colors and fabrics that you are tired of. To do this, you can convene a family and discuss possible changes. All proposed ideas, even seemingly absurd initially, should be discussed.
    Changing the color of the walls, it is not necessary to use paint or wallpaper everywhere. Upholstery fabric is also suitable for this. It is worth considering that the wider the fabric you choose, the cheaper it will cost you decoration.
    Before decorating, it is necessary to identify all the disadvantages and advantages of the rooms (for example: low ceilings, darkness, etc.). If you think that the result is monotonous, revive the interior with bright objects.
    Do not buy a bunch of small and sometimes unnecessary souvenirs, it is better to take a little expensive for the soul. In this case, you should follow the rule: �Less is better, but better.�
    Do not forget that the house must certainly have a living room, for which if not a separate room, then part of the room. Choosing light colors, you make it hospitable and warm.
    Lighting plays an important role in the decorationat homeBy changing the design - install at least 3 light sources. Not bad if the lamps on the ceiling combine with table lamps.
    With all their views, the door and the entrance hall should tell the guests that they are welcome in this house. However, it is worth remembering that they should not stand out from the general style of the interior.
    Avoid littering, equip the hallway with lockers for storing bags, shoes and more.
    If you want to decorate the house so that it will be beautiful for some particular holiday, then for the decor it is worth choosing objects associated with it. So, for the New Year, spruce branches and snowflakes are not a bad fit, for Easter - verbal twigs, themed panels and bouquets of spring flowers, and balloons and festoes will look great on children's birthday parties.

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