• How to defrost pipes?

    Sam Gold
    Sam Gold
    July 25, 2014
    How to defrost pipes?

    The arrival of spring means the beginning of the preparation of the summer cottage for the summer season. Probably, many summer residents are familiar with the problem of pipes that are frozen tightly. Our article will tell you how to defrost water pipes. Let's talk about the most effective ways.

    Pipes plumbing froze, what to do?

    Considering the fact that water stagnates in pipes for a long time, one may encounter serious breakdowns and, eventually, with the replacement of a water supply system. Defrosting should be done in the first warm days of the new season. How?

    • Pipes that are in the public domain can be defrosted with a regular blow dryer.
    • If the pipes are laid in the ground, everything is much more complicated. Those sections of the pipe that go out of the house can be defrosted by heating the wall. To do this, you need to properly heat the house or put a heater at the pipe outlet from the house. Use the maximum mode of operation.
    • For defrosting pipes in an underground area, use a welding machine.The current charge that is transmitted through the pipe can solve the problem within 2 hours if the length of the pipe is 10-12 m.
    • How to defrost a plastic pipe? Plastic is a special material, so the usual methods of defrosting (for example, passing hot water) will not help. Experienced gardeners offer this method: take a plastic tube, the diameter of which will be smaller than your pipe, push it into the hole of the pipe to the place where it will crash into the ice. Make sure the tube breaks through the top layer of ice. After that, gently pour boiling water into this tube. Little by little the ice will heat up and melt.
    • If there are pipes with bends in your section, you can do this. You will need a fairly rigid oxygen hose, which would not lose its shape during the turns of the pipe. Through it, we also skip boiling water and gradually defrost section by section. You have to be patient, as this process can be very long.

    Some of the methods described prescribed the use of boiling water. But where to get it in the country, when there is no water? There are several options: bring it with you in a canister, bring it from a spring or from a well to a dacha cooperative or a village, from a lake or river.In any case, you will need a kettle or stove in order to reheat this water.

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